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Posted: Mar 1, 2010

Light bulb

I think I have finally found the answer to this.  Maybe women will understand this better then men, but I will do my best explain this in a nutshell (big one).

PMS, perimenopause - this is what a hypo feels like when your mood/body is out of control! 

I just realised this on the weekend.  I have never experienced some of the mood swings and other things that are associated with the monthly curse until now, when entering into the next phase of life - perimenopause.  I used to think my friends that would take time off for this monthly occurrence were off their rockers, but now I'm beginning to understand what it's all about, as I'm experiencing these emotions at the ripe old age of 49! Ugh!  Now I get what you were going on about (am I a late bloomer?).  It is not NICE!!

How this all dawned on me was on Saturday night, after dinner, time to relax and enjoy the evening ... right? No, not for this Tasmanian Devil - aka Fat Cat Anna.  I could not find a coupon that I had clipped out for a hair colour product ($4 dollars off!).  I started to go into a frenzy, looking for this little friggin' slip of paper.  My poor husband Mike, is wondering ... WTF as I keep on saying "Sorry, sorry it's this hormonal thing" as I go around our little house. looking for this slip of paper!  Anyway, I was fighting an inner demon inside of me, trying to stay the normal calm/happy Fat Cat Anna, while the other side of me was wanting to cry (and yes, I did cry and scream and stomp - see Taz clip above to have sample of my behaviour).

My emotions were all over the place, and yes, my blood sugar (BG) was fine, neither high nor low.  I was just freaking out with all the hormonal overload.  Trying to be me was a real challenge during this little light bulb moment for me.

This is how it is when we diabetics go through a hypo (or low BG).  We are not in control.  Some people become quite violent (have a friend who says her hubby will hit her - ouch), we all vary with how we react to having a low, we are NOT OURSELVES.  I know for myself, I'm not always this bad, but it all depends on the situation at the time.  Imagine if I was having a hypo at the time I was looking for this coupon (which was found in the end by (( hug)) Mike).

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