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Posted: Nov 10, 2010

I just posted a reply at George Simmon's latest blog post entitled "It Doesn't Take That Much".  It's all about that little blue circle that represents to the world - diabetes.  Like one commenter had said - "it is what ALL the in-fashion D-folks are wearing!".  Wow, I'm finally in with the in-crowd for once in my life :)

I received my first pin - that I proudly wear all the time (and luckily I have spares since those little suckers can come off at times) back in 2008.  I wear my pin proudly and if asked about what it means - have no issues with explaining the history of how it all came about - with UN involvement for diabetes awareness - then with IDF (International Diabetes Federation started back in 1950). 

If you want to purchase the pins - you can find them at this link - feel free to shasre them with family / friends / colleagues - to spread the word!

Wait though, here's something else you may not be aware of - the FLYING CIRCLE.  By purchasing a 2-pack of these unique frisbees (they have a unique code that you can register online with) you will help raise funds to support children with diabetes in the developing world. Now, wouldn't it be cool to catch a picture of your dog catching that frisbee and post it at IDF to share with the world!

Alright, I'm all pumped up for November 14th - actually all year round is more my thing - but this is OUR day - let us go out a celebrate with the rest of the world to bring diabetes awareness to all!

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