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Posted: Apr 12, 2010

As most of you know from my scribbles yesterday, I've been having some issues with my blood sugars (BG's) lately.  To the point that on the Sunday I was close to going to ER due to high blood sugars in the 400 mg/dl (22 mmol/l).  On the advise of some of my online PWD's (People With Diabetes) - I went to my pharmacy to pick up some Chemstrips UGK to measure the amount of ketones in my system.  For diabetics, ketones in the blood makes it more acid and is poisonous to the brain if left undected for too long (coma and death can happen - ugh).  I've been thru'  Ketoacidosis as a teenager where I slipped into a coma. Not fun at all for either myself or my family.  So, with the way my blood sugars have been lately, I was scared to the point of running around like a chicken without it's head on, but I stayed "somewhat" calm.

The short and the sweet of it.  I'm now back to normal.  Went to bed with 270 mg/dl (15 mmol/l) and woke up (didn't sleep well of course) with 74 mg/dl (4.1 mmol/l).  Still it's going to be a waiting game, as I've not been MDI (multiple doseage injecting) for the past 3 years since being on the pump.  Like I did with the insulin pump, I'm relearning how to keep my BG's in control via needle injections - compared to my pump which had all the calculations for IOB (insulin on board), I:C (insulin to carb ratios), and some of the other goodies that help make insulin pumping in my opinion a "slice of cake".  In my case, I wasn't sure if I was having issues with scarring due to infusion sites, so decided to take a pump break.

I called up my GP's office this morning to discover she does not have any available appointments until .... July!!!  Three months from now. I explained the situation - only suggestion they gave to me - " come into the clinic ".  Clinics are my last resort, having to go thru' your history with a GP that doesn't know you, been there, done that.  Next option was my Endo, this is where I lucked in, cancellation on Thursday.  I'll have to work something out with my clients for that day, but as you're all probably saying ... "Your health comes first".

So, for now, as I finish this up, I feel my BG's coming down.  I probably overdosed in the NovoRapid for my breakfast (yes - I had a normal breakfast of toast/PB/OJ - oh joy).  Off I go to test, report my results on Twitter and the other areas that I report my daily roller coaster ride with diabetes.

UPDATE:  Just Tweeted this -  #bgnow 13.2 | 238 So much for thinking I'm low.Either I:C ratio or basal rate is not correct with MDI.Used to work with pump :S #diabetes 
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Posted: Feb 11, 2009

Well, from one day being -10C (14F) - and the next day to 7C (45F) - what is a gal to do but .... OPEN UP ALL THE WINDOWS IN THE HOUSE - then trudge up and down the stairs to bring buckets of water outside to wash her car!  My little Smart doesn't take much water / time to wash - so bing, bang, boom - it's now looking new and shiny - no salt on it - no road dirt.  Ahhhh, and here I was yesterday thinking I was wanting to book an inexpensive holiday away south - if and when a bag of money hit my doorstep.  Unfortunately, I do not buy lottery tickets, or gamble - well - I do gamble - but with life - we all do - but that is beside the point.

Anyway, after the car was taken care of inside and out - I tackled the iced up driveway - 23m (about 75') and think I have done my exercise for the day.  My heart is beating away comfortably; I feel alive and am hoping to nip back outside again for a few more hours before the sun goes down and attack the ice on the driveway.  At least the days are getting longer - and we only have about 5 weeks of winter according to Wiarton Willie the Groundhog (

I think though that I should go and nibble on abit of food now - since I'm feeling a tad peckish with all this fresh air (and today here in Montreal there is a smog warning alert - so not sure how "fresh" it is - and that explains my dull headache today).  Before I started on my outdoor adventure my BG was at 4.5 mmol/l (81 mg/l) - so I just now tested it on my forearm and I'm a 5.4 mmol/l (97 mg/l) - which is pretty good to me.  I had to test on my forearm instead of my fingers because the car detergent and water dried my hands out so much - the blood would have absorbed into the skin as moisturizer instead of being sucked up on my BG test strip. I use a Freestyle Lite incase you're wondering.

Okay - off I go to nibble on food (I know I keep on saying I'm off to eat - I'm a procrastinator) - and wait for the rain to come as there's a rainfall warning in effect for Thursday - so it's going to be a messy day on the roads tomorrow here in my neck of the woods.  How are you all fairing out where you live?

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