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Posted: Apr 27, 2013
Hmm, should I have eaten that piece of bubble gum that my BFF Wendy pulled off the road when I was about 6 years old?  I remember watching her pull out little rocks - and wondering - yuck - as she stuck into her mouth (she really enjoyed chomping on that piece of "who knows where it had been before" wad of pink sticky goo with the odd bit of rocks).  Even at that age - I knew it was not the right thing to do - and luckily for me - I never followed her example.  Last time thing I heard about her - about 20 years ago - she was working as an airline attendant - with a tan that screamed tanning bed whore (and I worked in the tanning place she came too - ouch!).
So, why am I talking about eating crap off a road - it is full of gems - who knows what you could get from it!  I mean, yuck, the person before might have had some sort of disease.  Well, according to some researchers - the reason for Type 1 diabetes becoming more frequent (and increasing 3% annually over the past 10 years) has something to do about residing in a rich nation along with less exposure to infectious diseases aka pathogens.  Are we living in too clean a world?

Some of the theory's are that we humans are supposed to be dirty - that we are over protected.  Yeah - I can vouch for that with seeing my Mum friends - constant cleaning of door knobs with Lysol, or not allowing their child to pick up a a penny from the dirt - DON'T TOUCH THAT!!!   If we don't build up immunity - how can we fight off the even more nasty things that attack us that are worse than whatever you might have contracted from a previously chewed by someone else piece of gum off a hot sticky summer road?  Hmmm, maybe I should of partaken in the chewing routine with Wendy now ....

With Type 1 diabetes - our immune system somehow gets mixed up - and decides that healthy beta cells are just as bad as the evil cells that invade our body.  This then causes our pancreas to become destroyed - or at least that's how I - as a nonmedical person has come to understand why I got diabetes.  According to the the report from Medical News Today (see link below) - young children don't develop the proper antibodies due to being too clinically clean.  They state that by being this way - that we don't build up immunity with the help of germs that build up our resistance to fighting off even more evil things that may come our way later in life. The one good thing though is that Swedish scientists have managed to stop the immune system from destroying beta cells in animal experiments.  

To read more about other factors/theories that are linked to the uprise of Type 1 diabetes you can check it out at Medical News Today.  

NOTE:  Prior to getting diabetes as a child - I had chickenpox - what a load of itchy/scratchy fun .  There has always been a theory that having an infectious disease can sometimes lead to Type 1 diabetes (I've spoken to others that have mumps or measles - and they became diagnosed later).   Now, if that's the case - than doesn't this scientific report go against what we've thought  perhaps caused us to get diabetes?
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