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Posted: Jun 13, 2011

Last week, to my surprise, George Simmons aka Ninjabetic tweeted a link for a Type 2 diabetic camp for kids in the United States.  Just his statement alone floored me.  I mean a Type 2 diabetic camp for kids?  Except this one is not just aimed at Type 2 diabetic kids, but also families/kids at risk.

I went to a diabetic camp (
Camp Banting) as a child (which I loved) – but that was for Type 1 diabetics aged 8-15 years of age.  I searched the Canadian Diabetes Association website for Type 2 diabetic camps – but only was able to find Type 1 – period.  As a few other members of the D-OC got into the conversation (limited to 140 letters in Tweet – so you’ve got to be concise) – we started to share thoughts.  As George pointed out – “I think the stigma about having type 2 would have to be that much worse being a kid. Adults are mean, kids can be cruel”.  His words struck a nerve there – since I had been made fun of at school for the way I spoke (English accent which I lost very quickly) as well as other little quirks that made me stand out differently from Canadian kids.  Diabetes was never an issue thank goodness – but still – George had it right with kids being cruel. 

I really must be out of the loop!  I know that Type 2 diabetes is on the increase on our big blue marble – but I like many people – associated it with older folks. When I was diagnosed as a youngster, I was in the diabetic ward at the hospital – and the only child on the whole floor – everyone else was … old (like me now ).    So, curiosity got the better of this cat and I went to the library the next day – and came across Diabetes for Canadians for Dummies – and there it was standing point blank at me on page 231 – Your Child Has Type 2 Diabetes!  Because of the epidemic of obesity – children here in Canada (and elsewhere as it points out) is much higher than it used to be (or higher in some communities).  Once again, I learned something about diabetes that I wasn’t aware of!

Another great link that came out of the Tweet conversation was one that Virtue B. posted that she’d seen at her endocrinologist’s office in Toronto on a recent visit.  It’s called KidsType2Diabetes.  It’s a really impressive site here in Canada with tips on healthy eating and getting active along with some great links and personally not just for kids - for the whole family!  Get active - get involved!!

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