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Posted: Jun 3, 2010


First topic here is a semi-nonD subject to get you in the mood for what you about to read.  It involves a baby and stuffed toys (they weren't hurt seriously) – aka Iron Baby and with PWD blogger Kerri Morrone Sparling having popped a bun out of an oven recently I just couldn’t resist maybe suggesting her daughter call up Patrick Boivin (from Montreal) to ask him to put her in his next “flick”.  Even better, is the video he made of future of air travel – wait – where’s my pump supplies?

Okay now on to my continuing quest of the week as I figure out how to fix out my basal rate with my Lantus. I do love a challenge, oh yes I do!!!  I’ve been trying all this week to get help from my endo (endocrinologist).  Latest attempt today was sending a fax, trying to call a few times.  I’m getting his assistant saying a voice message, and no, they don’t take messages, just call back later.  I’ve tried this a few times, not succeeding.  I'm giving up, as I know they close up shop shortly, and on Fridays's they don't take calls.  Sigh.

During the night, as I did a basal test, pigging out abit on sweet things as I coped with BG’s in the 2-3 mmol/l (36-54 mg/dl) range.  My brain was just ticking away with how to figure out what to tweak with my Lantus shots I’m doing twice a day.  Many suggestions from people who presently are successful on MDI (multiple dosage injections), but alas, they use Levemir as they say Lantus gave them lows like I am experiencing.  Go back to my blog of last week and you’ll know why I’m back on Lantus again.  It seemed to be serving me well before, but now I’m facing these fun brain challenging lows.  Sometimes I think being high – 8-10 mmol/l (144-180 mg/dl) - range isn’t maybe so bad.

Today, I decided that there must be an overlap in when the Lantus meets up with the previous shot.  I’m not exactly doing 12 hour segments – it’s more like – 23h00 and 09h00.  As I type this up, my basal is not working; I’m in the 13 mmol/l (234 mg/dl) range.  I could handle 8 mmol/l (144 mg/dl) but 13 is a bit high for me, and it’s way past when I ate and gave my shot of NovoRapid.

So, today, I’m going to post this blog in all the D forums I belong to and see if I can get any help/comments from experienced MDI folks.  I know you are out there!  Any suggestion is helpful, as I try to figure out what’s up with these morning lows (and yes, I have a snack before hitting the hay – endo had told me to do this with Lantus – never did this when on the pump).  I swear I’m going to gain weight after going MDI – but it’s all for the cause man – all for the cause – as I figure out a way to make this MDI experiment of mine work.  I have to admit, I really don’t miss being attached to a machine 24/7 – just wish I could have as good control as I did with the pump!

 Help! I need somebody – anyone?

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