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Posted: Sep 2, 2009

Some of you may have read about the FDA's recent warning about the inaccuracy of certain test strips while taking certain medications.  Honestly, I didn't pay much attention since I already accept they are inaccurate and I wasn't using any of the interfering products mentioned by the FDA.  However, since it affects anyone receiving dialysis I realized I might be negligent in dismissing the problem.

Today, Diabetes in Control published more information on the topic including stating that Wavesense (Agamatrix) products are of a new technology and thus do not have this interference problem.  Bayer also says their meters don't use the old technology.  HOWEVER - several meterrs that are used to calibrate CGMSs do use this older, inaccurate technology.  So ... use a product that is inaccurate to calibrate another inaccurate product and you get double inaccurate.  Nice.  This article is primarily about the few number of people affected by the problem but nonetheless being an informed consumer is forewarned. 

I've always known that many sweeteners (primarily sugar alcohol) can mess up a blood sugar.  This article states particular products that inaccurately skew blood sugar results.

I've also heard people with kidney problems say their blood sugar drops quite a bit and believe it's because of the kidney problems.  They have different sensitivity levels.  Scratch the head.  Well, apparently that's only partially true.  It seems that the drugs they are taking cause the meters to read incorrectly and thus they OD on insulin in an attempt to correct a supposed high.  So it's not the kidney problems or the insulin or their sensitivity.  It's the inaccuracy of the meters.  Big oops! 

Again, I realize apparently small numbers of people are affected by this but it is another reason to demand not request that meter manufacturers spend some of that $1-$1.25 per test strip and find new technology that works.  AgaMatrix has .... why can't the others?

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