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Posted: Jun 29, 2013
Most of you will be nodding your heads saying - " yuppers, been there, done that " - but for myself - this was amazingly enough my SECOND time ever ripping out an infusion set in an almost violent way (remember - I'm a semi-drama Queen here in my mind).  When I first started composing this blog - I was saying it was my FIRST - but as I put the tags in my post - I came across this blog!

I'm such a drama queen!

I'm still placing the Contact Detach infusion sets in my arms - giving my stomach that I favour the most a break for hopefully a month or more (next spot will be my legs for the infusion sets now that I have longer tubing). 

How did the infusion set come off you may ask?  A simple swipe of my hand as I scrached a spot on my upper arm. The loop of the Contact Detach was just purrfectly looped for my kitten claws to snag on it - and next thing I knew was .... S*** - dangle of the infusion set. I was actually pretty stunned by it - since I'd heard of other diabetics on pumps ripping them out - but NEVER thought it would be pulled out this way (I figured a door knob would be the culprit for me).

I think what got to me the most is that each infusion set costs on average for Canadians each time ... $16-20 ! That's like yikes - I could have bought groceries with what just got ripped out of my arm (sorry - you know I love to feed my ever expanding waistline).

So, seeing as I was semi awake - after a great day on Jenna's Journey and drive back home.  Having to think straight as I contemplated an Americano was not high on my priority list.  I was thinking of reinserting the infusion set in as I'd only had it in for about 5 hours.  I'd done a similar thing for a friend of mine a few years ago (Nel Peach - who made me fall in love with the Contact Detach/Sure T).  We'd simply found some office tape and temporarily held her infusion set in a new spot until she could place a new one in as it was due to a change.  In my case, this was a NEW set - long tubing (to prime the longer tubing it takes on average 15 units of insulin compared to 10 for the shorter tube) - so not only wss I losing out on an infusion set but wasting insulin if I chucked out the tubing.
Kitty Kat retro tape dispenser - it's so me ooooowwww!!!
Sadly, I didn't want to be wearing an infusion set in my arm held by tape for the next few days.  Plus, I don't do very well with medical tape on my skin - as I react even if it's latex free.

Now the one good aspect of the Contact Detach - due to it being in two parts (the infusion set - and then the docking station that you see below) - if using an infusion set that is an "all in one" - that has the tubing directly into it - then you lose everything - insulin in the tubing AND the infusion set.  Yes, when replacing the infusion set every 2-3 days as we're supposed to - we still lose "x" amount in the tubing that is pitched.  Though if you're frugal, I've heard of some people reusing the tubing, and not losing our precious juice of life.  Of course, there's always the debate of whether the insulin is still "good" - and able to perform it's duty of keeping our blood sugars (BG) stable.  It's totally up to the individual!

So, all I had to do in my case, was replace the needle portion of the infusion set, prime from the tubing in that small section, and reinsert a new set. You will see by my picture below - that I've got a bandage across the needle portion that goes into my skin.  That's due to not placing the set in flat (I thought I had, but with using IV Prep - it's like contact glue - you can't reposition - so get it right the first time).  The needle in my arm was causing abit discomfort - almost like hitting a nerve feeling.  I'm now realising after doing this to have a better sleep last night that I actually could have reused the pulled out infusion set - by doing a criss cross with two bandages.  I'm hoping not to do this again - yanking out my infusion set - but incase I do - I'll hopefully remember this solution!

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Posted: Jan 16, 2012
It's so hard to believe that I've been using an insulin pump for 4 years now.  I sometimes have to pinch myself to believe that time has flown by so fast since switching over from MDI (multiple dose injections) for 41 years prior.

Here's something that is going to make some of you who have been pumping for awhile have a laugh though.  I've often read about other insulin pumpers having their infusion sets pulled out - either caught on a door knob or adhesive has given out.  The only thing I'd experienced was hanging myself on the door knob a few times in the beginning, but the infusion set never pulled out.  I must have been lucky.

I'm like many insulin pumpers, where I favour the use of my stomach for my infusion sets.  It's convenient and I feel insulin absorption is better since it's near to the organs that need our juice of life.  Also, my problem since going onto the Contact Detach - is the length of the tubing.  I can't get any longer length from Animas then 60 cm/23 inches.  The other infusion sets I used to use, I could get longer tubing, but sadly, due to teflon allergy, I had to stop using those types.  This makes using the infusion set on my upper thighs is out of the question now.  So, my stomach, which is has abit of real estate has become quite the playground for my infusion sets. 

When I was visiting with a insulin pumping friend of mine, who also tends to use their stomach area alot for infusion sets, they were showing me the area that they used.  It doesn't help that they have abit of hair on their stomach region, and even with shaving prior to putting the set in, inbetween the time of removal the set, it can become abit uncomfortable.  I was showing them where I put mine, which is an area they don't touch, above their belly button area.  I have at least 3" of real estate for placing my infusion sets in, and I had never gone up this far before, but decided to give it a go a few months ago.

This is where I have experienced my first infusion pull out because of going up this high on my stomach.  It all came about when pulling up my pants after a trip to the loo.  My thumb caught in the connecting tube of the Contach Detach / Sure-T that I use for my infusion set.  It was so fast, I didn't even feel it being yanked out.  All I saw, was the needle portion waving itself at me.  I wasn't really that upset, since a) I was at home; and b) I only had about 8 units left in my insulin cartridge. 

Now, if I had been outside of home, then it would have been a different story, but as I've told a few other insulin pumpers - the joy of the Contact Detach is you can (though it's not recommended due to sterile issues) - reinsert the set back in a new area (have done that a few times when hitting a nerve/muscle with a new infusion change).  So, I've now made sure that along with my blood meter that I always carry with me, spare batteries, that I have an alcohol swab AND IV Prep - incase I do have to reinsert.  Luckily, it's only happened to me that one time - but I now can no longer call myself a virgin of the infusion pulling out club LOL!

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