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Posted: Nov 11, 2009


Back in my clubbing days of the 80's (am I aging myself here? ) - Freak Out was the chic song to dance to!  Right now, this song is going thru' my head as I try to cope with having low blood sugars since basically the last few days.  Add to the top of my problems with having a computer shutting down on me at its will as I try to type this out to you.  It's another Freak Out, as my bread and butter depends on a functioning computer and just trying to cope like a normal human being. Scream!!  Who said diabetics lead an easy life, wait, wasn't that me at the IDF World Diabetes Congress, spreading the gospel truth of life with diabetes is easy ... NOT!!!!

I thought at first this was due to my having the H1N1 vaccine yesterday.  I've heard other diabetics having to cope with high blood sugars due to the vaccine, and of course, I seem to be the odd one out (why should that not surprise me one bit) in experiencing low blood sugars.

Well, so far, no curly pig tail has developed with my having the vaccine.  I'm feelling fine, except for having to deal with life as a space cadet and at the same time, function as a normal human being.  I am NOT happy.  It's day like this that I wish I had an endo or medical team at my finger tips that understood what we diabetics go thru', and also someone that understands a diabetic on a pump.  Scream!

So, I am now going to go and test my BG.  It's not something I really have to do, as I know I'm low, again, but I'm just curious as to what number I'm sitting at, after having food to eat, again. It doesn't seem to really bring me up much past 5.0 mmol/l -which is fine, but then I'm back down to 3.0 mmol/l range again, and that's without any insulin!  This is not fun when I'm spinning the roulette wheel of life with trying to figure out, what the heck is causing me to use very little insulin at meal times, snack times, whatever times!  What is freaking me out more is that 'm going on holidays in a few weeks, where I use less insulin.  I want to remember this holiday without having continual episodes of lows and going into la-la-land!!!  Scream (please note - I am not a screamer - it's just appropriate at the moment for my frustratiion).

Any advise is much appreciated, as I try my best to cope with this latest curve ball in the life of a diabetic, looking thru' a semi haze here (thank goodness I can type without looking at the keyboard or screen).  Wait, maybe I'm no longer needing as much insulin after 42 years with this disease???Maybe I've been cured by the H1N1 vaccine???





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Posted: Nov 9, 2009

Well, it's actually a beautiful day here in Montreal.  I wish I had the motorcycle today (hate sharing my bike with hubby), to go out for a drive (did this yesterday, which was another nice day).  Alas, work is calling me, and I have so much to share with you all!

First, driving off to my doctors this a.m. to get my 2nd shot for my Twinrix vaccine (for protection against Hepatitis A/B). I found out on the radio that here in Montreal, I can finally get my H1N1 vaccine earlier then expected!!  Originally the date was set for November 23rd, and I was getting abit worried, as I'm off on holidays later that week.   I did have a slight fear of having ill effects from the H1N1 vaccine if I had it done that week, not that I ever have with the regular flu shot, but still had that little devil on my shoulder poking at me.  I was going to wait until I got back from my holidays, but I hated waiting longer then I had to for the vaccine, but now the date has been advanced, so I'll have more time to recouperate IF I do get effected by the shot.  So, wish me luck, that I can get a number for my flu shot at the one clinic that is opened up in my area (have to go down for 07h00 - in order to get a number and time for the H1N1 vaccine later in the day as they only have so much vaccine each day to give out).

Now, second, this past w/e I spent time helping out Mark & Patti Clifford from Fresno, California with their launch of the first World Diabetic KID'Z Weekend on Blog Talk Radio / Livestream.  It was truly amazing experience to be part of and hopefully something that will take place every year (though I wouldn't mind doing this more often, as it was such a blast).  I spoke with Mum's with children who have diabetes, adults who have diabetes.  Between texting our comments and also talking on the radio, it hopefully helped people to understand what diabetic go thru' on a daily basis and bringing new issues to light. 

The good thing about Mark and his wife Patti, they think the same way as I do about diabetes. We don't define it by Type 1, 2, LADA,  we are ALL diabetics or know someone who has it - no matter what type we have.  I do find at some of the diabetic groups I belong to online, that sometimes there can be a battle between the different types of diabetes, not so with this group that Mark has set up at Change the World - Global Diabetic Awareness - we're all in the same boat!  We have a daily battle with keeping our BG's at good levels/weight/discrimination/etc.

Check out the video on The Diabotics as well - and maybe you can make up your own with all the bits and pieces that you use in your daily life as a diabetic (I know mine will look pretty amazing as some of the examples in the video )!  One thing to take note of is Mark is hoping to make November 7th a permanent fixture on the American calendar in the future as well!  Wouldn't it be great if it was an event that takes place all over our big blue marble?  I hope to help him and others in this endeavour.

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Posted: Apr 27, 2009

I was going to blog about my fun experience with TSA yesterday at Orlando-Sanford Airport - where I was treated like a potential terrorist (I don't get treated this way anywhere else except in the United States - every other country lets me go thru' with my pump and insulin supplies with a simple nod). Anyway, since getting off the phone with my Dad - I've decided to change my direction of thoughts.

This morning I had my usual weekly call with my Mum - telling her about my trip to Orlando (finally got to see ALL of Epcot - took 2 visits - now I've travelled the "world" ). On the flight home, I had noticed a few passengers that were returning from Mexico. Of course, having watched the news the past few days (my in-laws have the TV on constantly - bit irritating at times) - the outbreak of swine flu was the top story - and they were abit worried. So, here I am - on a flight - with a few people with the touristy somberos on - and it's making me wonder - hmmm - should I be worried?

My Mum at the time didn't seem too concerned - and we'd agreed upon my purchasing some tickets for Too Many Cooks where a friend of mine, Harold Swaffield (a diabetic and the one that encouraged me to try out pumping) is acting in. So, fine and dandy, all I'm waiting on after the conversation is an email from my Dad to tell me what date they want to go - and hopefully it works out that I can drive to Ottawa which is a 2 hour drive from Montreal. Few hours later, email arrives from my Dad - short and blunt - "we have decided due to this flu epidemic we do not want you to buy tickets for the show". I called him up right away trying to understand their concern. Was it because I'd been in contact with people from Mexico or ??? I was confused.

My Dad then started to go on about the epidemic of the 1918's (Spanish Flu) and how this swine flu could be the next pandemic (it would be the 4th according to what I've read). This swine flu has affected over 1,500 (149 deaths at the time I am writing this) in Mexico, the age group affected though is between the ages of 20-40 (that skips us I told him jokingly but now I wonder does it?). I was always under the impression that young and older people would be more effected - but not so in this case (plus there are two phases - so this could be Phase 1 - scary). He's pulling out the mask he uses for painting - saying the ones they are handing out in Mexico are useless - so he's all set (what about my Mum??). Just the fact that now other countries outside of United States/Mexico are advising against travel to this part of the world - probably Canada will follow next.

Well, I'm not leaping on the panic button yet, I'll continue to do what I do to not spread germs (washing hands, coughing in sleeve) and hope for the best. That is the one thing now though with the Internet - news travels so fast - if it was around during the Spanish Flu - who knows what the minute-by-minute reports would have been like at websites such as Health Map.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!!!

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