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Posted: Jul 24, 2013

I went down the "evil" isle today - while I was killing time (having new tires put on my little red zoom zoom car at Costco - what a BIG difference - no more vibrations on the wheel now due to chunks of tire flying off).  

Anyway, I love dark chocolate (my fav is the one below).  As per "instructions" from many articles I've come across - a square of the darkest chocolate possible is supposed to be good for your heart.  I like that excuse, I love chocolate (what woman doesn't) - so the brand I usually buy (see below) is what I like best.

Then I saw this other brand, same company, another dark chocolate with that has the latest and greatest phase...  quinoa.   I started to look at the label on the back and then decided - WAIT - I've got to take pictures of both nutrition labels - because what I was reading made it soooo confusing to decide on which to buy.  What do I mean by this - well - if you look at each label I've posted below - you will perhaps see what I mean.

If you look at the Dark Chocolate nutrition label shown above - it has MORE calories due to the fat/sodium/fibre/protein but LESS carbs.  What really surprised me the most was the fibre/protein being abit more - but it does not contain quinoa.   I found that abit odd - seeing as quinoa has more fibre and protein than regular types of sides dishes that I use - so figured when looking at the nutrition label for below for the Quinoa Dark Chocolate - there would be a change in the fibre/protein content - that it would be more. 


Can you figure that one out?  Is there anyone who is a Nutritionist reading this?  So,  I left the store - without any chocolate (though I did buy some Chocolate Peanut M&M's for my DH - who will probably wisely share with me while we're on holidays sailing over the next few weeks).  

I thought looking at food labels in American grocery stores was overwhelming - but to make me feel at such a loss when it comes to my love of a simple dark chocolate!!! Noooo,  I think I'm going to have to go lie down on a shrinks couch and figure out where to go from here :)

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Posted: Feb 10, 2011

Handmade chocolates from PrettySweetCupcakes @Flickr

Yes, I am diabetic - but I like my chocolate 
(yes - there is a song about my love for this creation - I'm addicted to chocolate as you can tell - and my hips reveal it).  Don't give me milk chocolate (which is higher in fat/sugar) but the real stuff, the darker the better, and no additives of man made kind.  Sorry but recent discussions within the D-OC of over consumption of sugar free chocolates brought memories of years ago with having a few days off from work with derriere problems after engulfing the diabetic version.  Never EVER again! 

Even better, a recent study done has once again proven that chocolate contains more healthy plant compounds, gram-for-gram, than fruit juice.  It also revealed that when comparing cocoa powder, the raw ingredient of chocolate, and powders made from fruit that cocoa has alot more flavanols, health-giving plant chemicals, and more antioxidants.  Duh, I like I really need a study to tell me this - I mean - who doesn't feel better after a few squares of chocolate? 

Okay - let's screech to a halt!!!  Egads, enough of being blinded by science facts here.  I'm now waiting patiently for Valentine's Day - and the hopes that my main squeeze is reading this blog - and knows what I want! 

Ahh - to heck with waiting - I'm off to get myself some chocolate Tongue out!

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