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Posted: May 9, 2011

I’m one of many folks that are taking part in the 2nd Annual D-Blog Week that Karen Graffeo at Bitter Sweet is so kindly hosting on her website this week.  If you haven’t heard of it – check it out - see what we’re all doing – and perhaps get involved – come on don’t be shy!

The topic today is about  “ admiring our differences “ – and at first I was stumped by this topic (I never did well with assignments at school) and then I realised that I had written something similar a few weeks ago (Dear Parents of Diabetic Children) without even knowing that I’d be writing a similar story again this week.  My mind was aflame with ideas of who I admired the most out of the many diabetics that I have met over the years since I discovered the D-OC.  There are so many, but I think what has struck me the most over the year is the parents of diabetic children that I had come to admire the most .  Why?  Well, my parents (mainly my Mum – as my Dad was working) that did the best that they could with what information was available when I was diagnosed with diabetes in the 60’s.  They were pretty well in the dark with no online groups for them to join up to like we have today, so they did the best they could that was provided by CDA/ADA and the hospital that took care of my diabetes in Ottawa.   Personally, I think they did pretty well even when they tried to hide away the sweets from me in the top cupboard (I took my shoes off before getting on the counter tops to retrieve those goodies – me who is afraid of heights – the call of the “unforbidden” won over my fear).

Nowadays, parents of diabetic children have so many tools at their disposal – so I sometimes think it is more scary for the parents seeing their children’s blood sugars (BG) going up and down like a roller coaster ride and the fear that because of that horrible things will befall them (loss of eyesight, kidney, etc).  I wonder if sometimes having too much information isn’t a good thing.  I mean, my parents didn’t have all those tools, but in the end, I’ve turned out okay.  Yes, maybe I’m abit of a screw ball with my fantasy of wearing a cape/mask – but it works for me.

So, to all you D-parents out there – and you know who you are – I raise a toast to you in your everyday challenge to ensure your little one(s) are living the most out of their life.  If you love them and let them be who they are without stifling them, they will turn out fine.   I still wonder if my Dad was happy with my spending the CSB’s  he’d saved for my “further education” on a motorcycle instead – I know I was pleased as a little kitten <lol> – and I’m still alive despite a few miscalculations on a sharp turn in the road at “x” amount of speed!



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Posted: Nov 9, 2010

Dblog Day 11.09/2010 picture

I’m taking part today in the D-blog day – this was started back on November 2005 (where have I been all these years – in a cave?).  I noticed this “event” through Gina Capone’s website called Diabetes Talk that explains all the details (e.g. topic of this years d-blog, etc.).  I decided I would give it a go and know I’ll not be the only one that will be Tweeting (using #dblogday) and in other social medias.  Hopefully it’s not too late for you to join in today and I know I’ve marked this event  in my calendar for 2011 already!


Regular folk by ssaamm97 at Photobucket

1)         We are amongst you “regular” folks – you may not know it – but we are.  Do not be afraid.

2)         Diabetes, Type 1 that is , is not like the Elvis Presley song – Return To Sender – it is with us for life – no losing weight, eating less sugar gets us off our juice of life.

Dr. Frederick Banting Awarded Nobel Prize in 1923

3)         If you see me wearing my blue suede shoes on November 14th this year – it’s because I’m celebrating the birth of  Dr. Banting that you see above!  He was born on this day back in 1891 and we now celebrate his birth along with World Diabetes Day (WDD) which was started up by the International Diabetes Federation .  Psst, did you know Dr. Banting is Canadian? Some people seem surprised by this when I’ve tell them.  I kid you not!

4)         Having diabetes is not the end of the world – but for some it is – be patient with them as they learn the ropes.  Old timers like myself, we’ve got it down pat most of the time, but then there are those days that …. you know …. Things just don’t jive no matter what you do.

5)         I can eat sweets, if you see me sinking my teeth into that chocolate pie, be forewarned, I will enjoy it to the last lick of the plate (I tell my friends that this saves on washing dishes) – but behind all this enjoyment – is calculations for how much insulin to give, etc. etc. It’s not easy at times as we have to guesstimate – but rewarding when we do “cheat” for that sinful treat from time to time.

6)         Cats and dogs can get diabetes and become insulin dependent!  My name of FatCatAnna comes from my pussy cat Beauduoin who probably had better control of his diabetes then I do (even the vet said so).  I really miss him.

Girl eyeing sweets courtesy of Foto Search

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