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Posted: May 15, 2011

Before I started blogging or getting involved in the D-OC (diabetes online community) - diabetes to me was just part of my persona - just like the gap in my front teeth (sorry orthodontists out there – I’m a Lauren Hutton wanna be). I didn't think much about the daily rituals that most of us diabetics go through until I started to "meet" up with others that shared similar experiences. This week proved why my online "friends" helps many of us cope with the roller coaster ride of diabetes. 

                           The D-OC all grown up :)

I found this week that there are SOOOOOO many fantastic D-bloggers out there. Everyone has varied opinions on the subject that we were asked to blog about. I found it difficult following some of the topics that we asked to write about - despite the wild card options.  With being sick and my desktop acting up on me - it made things abit tough at times (technology - that love/hate relationship - e.g. again today my desktop is acting up). For myself, it was almost like being at school, BUT in the end I accomplished the task at hand! I'm still trying to catch up with reading of the great posts done each day this week which were averaging about 100+ individual posts (Thursdays - topped the charts with almost 150 posts on "Ten Things I Hate Diabetes" – which for myself – was hard to write about – because I don’t really hate diabetes – it’s like my side partner in life).

Here's to all the great Super D-Troopers out there and hopefully more to come in the near future! To check out all the blogs posted this week head on over to the Bitter~Sweet website. 

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Posted: May 14, 2011

Well today's topic of discussion is "snap shots".  From what I've seen today of other uploads - they are pretty darn good and it will be taking me abit of time to check them all out (it's a rainy day here in Montreal today)!   I have the pictures below also posted at my Flickr account with more detailed description  - just look for me under the name of  FatCatAnna or at the following link -  (cut/paste this link in order to view it or try it directly thru' whichever is easier for you).
            Meeting up with D-friends !

The Waiting Room

 The D-OC

  The D-Bat Smart Mobile (in my dreams)

World Diabetes Day     - November 14th

    Insulution - Daily Dose syringe

            My Dancing Shoes for D-Prom :)

Half Century Treat with my BFF

D-Stuff !!
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Posted: May 13, 2011

Today we've been asked to put a twist on the topic and focus on the good things diabetes has brought us.  What awesome thing have you (or your child) done BECAUSE of diabetes?  You can check out other postings at the link below which will be easier to cut and paste manually into a new page rather then clicking on it (hopefully you take the extra steps in order to get to the page I want to have linked - showing ALL the postings - otherwise if you click on this link - you won't see it - sigh - I'm a test guinea pig for -

So, on with the good stuff with diabetes ....

I think with having been told as a teenager that I wouldn't live past 40 years of age - a comment that I find many of us long term diabetics share - is that it made me realise that I wanted to do things that perhaps were in my fear factor area that otherwise I would never have done.  I'm still waiting to jump out of an airplane - dressed in blue - to form the international sign of diabetes - the blue circle.  Hopefully I'll do it with others before the cost of fuel for airplanes becomes outrageous! Hmm, wonder if I'll get to wear my black cat suit and cape?

The most " awesomeost " thing for me since discovering the D-OC (diabetic online community) when I first started pumping my insulin (eat your heart out Arnie) - is the people I've met (some in person) - both diabetic and nondiabetic.  We all share a common goal with wanting the best out of life.  Even better is meeting up with D-parents and their kids and showing them that diabetes isn't a death sentence.  My friends daughter Jenna who had terminal cancer died too young a few years ago, but she would be alive today if she had diabetes.  I would have been her mentor to helping her thru' the rough times we diabetics sometimes go through.

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Posted: May 12, 2011

Well, while having to cope with lack of energy due to this viral pneumonia – I missed out on being involved in Wednesday’s “D-bloopers” (my brain couldn’t really think of which blooper to tell about – too many over the past 40+ years).  So, while I have some renewed energy, here I go with today’s topic of discussion.  Can’t wait to read what others have to say – check it out them out at this link .

1)      How when I drink water – that it squirts out the end of my fingers due to multiple vampire pricks over the past 30+ years of blood testing.  I am like a fountain.

2)      Wondering if I’ll wake up in the morning with a good blood sugar (5-7 mmol/l) or bad blood sugar (over 10 mmol/l).  I’m anal about my blood sugars aren’t I?

3)      Wondering what it’s like to be not be a diabetic  – would it be any different then my life today as I play a game of poker at the casino each week?

4)      Depression goes along with diabetes (am going through this at present – not fun at all).

5)      Losing my eyesight – I wouldn’t be able to watch Glee or see Sprinkles the Diabetes Advocacy Unicorn!

6)      How I wish my significant other could understand how diabetes affects me even after almost quarter of a century of ball and chain with him - he still doesn’t know when I’m low!

7)      That diabetes is increasing in the our big blue marble population – according to WHO – 220 million people around the world have diabetes .

8)      What diabetic doesn’t dream of eating without having to think about blood sugar control and all the other crap we have to worry about?  I mean – imagine pigging out on bacon? (this one is for you George).

9)      Low blood sugars – I can function even at 2.0 mmol/l – but it’s not good at all for any of us diabetics to go low like this (does it kill off brain cells I wonder?).

10)      Other diabetics who ask for my advise – then tell me – they don’t have time to do what I do – they are too busy with work, etc.  Meanwhile they are having eyesight problems, not able to feel things properly with their fingers , etc.   It saddens me to no end (I couldn’t be a doctor – I think I’d have a nervous breakdown with patients like that).


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Posted: May 10, 2011

Well, today is le deuxieme jour (second day) for the Blog Week topic – and the topic is “letter writing” to your condition, or whatever tickles your fancy (you can check out what the topics are for this week at this link – there are also “wild cards” for those of you that maybe stumped as to what to write – which I have to admit – today’s topic is abit difficult for me – but I’m giving it a whirl just for the heck of it while my brain is able to function).


Dear Viral Pneumonia,

Currently I hate feeling the way I have been for over a week now – life is such a B****.  You have made me an unproductive member of society and I do not like feeling out of control.  Diabetes rarely does this to me, and usually there is a reason for a low or high blood sugar but with you, I am a slave to the manufacturer of snot rags that make my nose raw and red along with not knowing when my strength will ebb to nothing but a limp noodle.  What started off I thought as a simple cold after coming back from a holiday in Spain, has now blossomed into yet another week of depression with getting hit by you.  I hate, loath, detest feeling drained and unable to think with you in my body and I want you to take a hike.  You fool me into thinking I’m having a low blood sugar as well - with my feeling drained – and when I test my blood sugar - it is perfect – go figure that one out you evil little virus.

So, many thanks to my Facebook friends/Mummy that have encouraged me to get checked out despite my aversion to health professionals.  I took the courage to go back to the same clinic that fixes me (this is same clinic that a GP misdiagnosed my eye problem back in November).  I am hoping that today’s diagnosis of you – evil viral pneumonia, is what it actually is.  I will be patient as I await better health and the ability to function (e.g. go on my motorcycle, sailboat, and the simple task of grocery shopping).  I want my life back with my partner in life, diabetes by my side knowing it's the only one that gets up close and personal with me!

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