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Posted: Oct 15, 2014

Have you ever had a heart to heart talk with your pharmacist who delivers your “legal” drugs? I know that a few of my American D-mates only deal with online pharmacies – and I’ve always wondered about that – other than them telling you you’re not covered by your insurance – do you ever have a chat with someone who is wondering why you take the meds you do to maintain your health and knows what your talking about?

While I find the right dose with Synthroid for my thyroid aka Hashimoto disease  (hi yaaaa - karate chop to the head!!!!).  I’ve been requesting my GP to increase my dosage to get myself to a level of TSH that makes me feel happy – and she’s willing to go along with me as I experiment <lol> - which was my reason for my pharmacy visit at Costco today). I decided at the same time to order up some fast acting insulin since I was getting low on my current bottle (I only order up 1 at a time). I use NovoRapid, which I’ve been using for as long as I can remember, whenever it came onto the market (remember – I’ve been thru’ many vials since ’67 – I don’t have the memory to retain all the various types over those years – there’s better things to remember than … which one was I using back in 1984 – and who knows – some of you will remember what you used – me … nope … I just remember my fav bevy … Brador beer from across the river in Hull in the disco days – “ I want action – I got so much to give – I love the night life – I got to boogie “ .....

I paid up for all my goodies (of course – who doesn’t want to throw in a few bottles of test strips – let’s get the party going – whoot! whoot! long live the punctured fingertip). Then the cashier told me that the pharmacist wanted to talk to me before they handed over what I'd just paid for. Hmmm, only time they’ve done that is for a new med. What could it be?

Apparently, the pharmacist couldn’t understand why I had long lasting insulin on my file. I explained the story of George Michael – my Animas 2020 pump – being out of warranty – dying on Dec 31/15  - no longer using him when I went on airline trips with no warranty, etc. and having to resort to using the old – bend over –throw the dart aka needle into your behind like a pro dart player!!! Bull’s eye!!!  Along with my trial with Levemir insulin for my long lasting regime - which I didn't do so well with due to allergic reactions (that was new to her - and she was very interested).


All over, it was a very interesting discussion for us both - I learned a few things about her trade - and she too about what I do within the diabetic community aka DOC. She said she only knows what she learned at school about Type 1 diabetes – and talking to me – made her appreciate what we go through – and what works for each of us (no one system works for another person – we are all different with our control of our health).

And with this short little blog – I bid you adieu for the evening – while I prepare to head to Jenna’s Journey tomorrow – to put her to sleep for the winter months on her comfy little cradle that will keep her upright out of the water. It’s been a busy past few weeks getting her prepared for the winter. I am not looking forward to the next 8 months on dry land as you can tell. Sigh – dreaming already of next year’s adventures on her.

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Posted: Jul 17, 2012
Piggy bank surrounded by drugs

Last year I'd written about going to the big box store of Costco in order to obtain my "legal drugs" that I use to control my diabetes at a less expensive rate then what I pay at my local pharmacy here in the province of Quebec.  I mean, when you save almost $10 CDN per bottle of insulin - that is a big savings - especially when you are not flush with monies (who is these days?).  I know that many Americans do not really know what they pay for their prescriptions - due to the insurance companies doing all the leg work (or that's my understanding from my American friends).  Here in Canada - and other countries that don't have the same health set up as Americans - we either have private health care plans from our workplace - government assisted (it varies from province to province here in Canada) - or you pay out of pocket.  For myself, I luckily have a package through my workplace - but in about 5 years time - that's no longer going to be my option when I retire.

Yesterday, I went to see my "legal drug dealer" aka the pharmacy at Costco (BTW - the pharmacy now knows that my pet name for my endo/GP who hand out my prescriptions are called "pimps" - they think it's quite funny - they like being called the "legal dealer").  I was picking up some ketone strips - due to having strips that were past due their date by a few years (that's how often I have to test for ketones in my urine).  Lately, with my hormones going wacko with menopause - keeping a tight control of my blood sugars has been a challenge - but at least I'm doing my best - and know what needs to be done to recitfy the situation (I must be patient <lol>).  Speaking with the pharmacist I discovered that the laws here in Canada - make the pharmacy section in Costco open to ALL people - not just Costco members (though she said that of course - Costco would like you to get the membership).  I was astounded to learn this - but then it should have dawned on me that the same thing applies to the eyeware section (I always get my specs from there) at Costo - you do not have to be a member as well. 

The only stipulation when it comes to payment - you either use an AMEX or debit card, or cash.  They actually were surprised that I didn't pay for my prescription with the insurance issued card from work - but as I keep on telling them - if I can earn 2% cash back by using my personal credit card - then I might as well make the most of being a sicko!!!  It'll help go towards paying for some exotic holiday - or whatever tickles my fancy.

So, if you live close by to a Costco, and need a prescription filled at a reasonable price (they will give out the price of the item you want over the phone - handy if you have limited access to a set of wheels) - then I say GO FOR IT!  It's as easy as saying to the head counter at the entry way of the Costco store - "I'm here to go to the pharmacy!".

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Posted: Dec 20, 2010

NOT - like WHATEVER - is a term used by alot of people these days.  Since I try to write in proper English these two words sometimes make me wonder what is happening to the English language.  The definition of NOT as it's used in today's communication does not exist in my 2004 dictionary - but I did manage to find it of all places at Wikipedia.

Today is my first day back into the work force. I arrived back home mid-week from holidays that I spent with my hubby's family (more will follow on that - especially with my views of how CATSCA / TSA treated me at the airport).  All I had to do before starting to let my fingers flow across my keyboard was to get some groceries, Christmas stocking items, along with a gift for my family.

I am now realising - as my friend Diane said to me on Facebook - that I should arrive at the parking lot at 08h30 - otherwise you are fraked (my words, not hers). 

Entering onto the TransCanada I realised something was not right.  I only had to go by one exit and that was backed up at 11h30 as if it was rush hour traffic in the afternoon.  Shifting down into 3rd is not usual on a highway where the speed limit for me is usually 100-120 km/hr.  People were trying to skip over 3 lanes of traffic to get off at this exit.  Going by that exit, things cleared up for about 1/2 km - then bingo - my exit - Toys R Us and Costco - the two shops I had to go to in this neck of the Island of Montreal.  Not so bad for getting off, but I noticed people on the service road driving unreasonably calm as usually Montreal drivers are fast on our service roads, despite the speed limit (doesn't this happen everywhere?).  I easily went over the lanes to the Costco side street after realising that the line up ahead was for the Toys R Us.  The onslaught of Christmas shoppers were coming out of the woodwork - but it's not even the 24th December yet!

Costco was full of frustrated drivers in mini-vans, cars backing up, trying to jockey into position for any available parking spot they could find - scary stuff.  Now if some of the cars were Smarts like mine, there would be no problem - right?  I couldn't even see a spot for my little car.  So, I turned tail, weaved around cars, to slowly head back home while trying to figure out where to go that wouldn't be crowded.  I knew at this point, shopping anywhere on this Monday the 20th of December is a pretty futile mission. 

So, in the end, I went to a local grocery store near to my house, found what I needed at prices almost as good as Costco (I'm having second thoughts about renewing my membership there).  Gave up on buying any bread as it's so expensive at almost $4.00 a loaf, so I'll find time to make up my own this week.

The drive home was abit slow due to clearing snow off the streets from recent snow fall (it's like - nothing - I can drive through that - but the big trucks and snow eating machines might goggle me up).  I made it home, exhausted and by then a hypo had started where I was registering at 3.6 mmol/l (65 mg/dl). 

Shopping is stressful and as I've written in the past - I really hate shopping which is uncommon for a woman to say.  So, sorry to my hubby your stocking won't be filled with little things Christmas Day unless I get the gutts to go out again - but not to big box stores - I think small independent places are my choice for this time of the year.  I refuse to go to a big box store until mid-January - I'm all tuckered out (thank goodness we have enough staples to keep us going until then and that I like to cook from scratch).

I swear I wrote a similar Baa Humbug blog last year :)

Lamb made of a humbug by trevorandthea at Photobucket

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