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Posted: Apr 8, 2009

A group of doctors in Ontario are urging the provincial government to enact legislation to require calories to be listed next to the price of items on menus and menu boards at large chain restaurants / school cafeterias across Ontario.  Along with the food values, they would like to see an education campaign to inform people about the impact of calorie intake on weight gain and obesity - which in the long run can lead to health complications, such as diabetes to name just a few.

  In NYC, restaurant chains with more then 15 chains nationally are required by law to list calories on menu boards and menus.  In California a similar law has been passed and a bill before the U.S. Congress would make calorie content mandatory across the country.

  I know today when I was waiting for my Smart to have its winter tires taken off - I got chatting with a few of the clients also waiting.  They were curious about my blood testing and insulin pump after they found out I was a diabetic.  They were surprised that I was eating a few of the shortbread cookies with my coffee - and I explained to them that I could eat them - but just a few as they're high in not only fat - but also carbs.  So, once again, I started to do my part time diabetic educator job I seem to be doing lately (and I love doing it).  Telling them about sugar and how it affects me, insulin pumping, etc.  One of the Mum's is concerned about what her children eat at their school cafeteria of course and is hoping that Quebec follows along with Ontario in passing the same type of legislation with showing the food.  Due to our two languages here in this country - it may take a little while - but hopefully it is sooner then later!  I do find though that more people that I talk to lately - seem to be more informed as to what is in the food that they eat - so times are changing hopefully for the better.

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