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Posted: Sep 22, 2013

Every Friday I try my best to wear blue (I'm always wearing my blue circle pin everyday – I collected a few when I was a volunteer at IDF).  The idea of wearing blue on Friday was created a few years ago by Cherise Shockley who is part of the team at Diabetes Community Advocacy Foundation (DCAF) to bring attention to World Diabetes Day every November 14th (Dr. Bantings birthday)  – and well – most of us within the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) just love the colour blue – so we flaunt it with a smile on our face.

Well, this past Friday, I lucked in on a really REALLY nice find.  I have this thing for stainless steel bling – it’s clean (I’m not allergic to it as well as it’s surgical) – not shiny – it’s just purrfect in my eyes.  I saw this indiscreet pendant – with a zircon blue stone set into it – and I just fell in love with it (helped that it was 80%) – it was purrfect colour of blue.  The price was just right – and when the clerk told me that the stone was the real thing – even better.  I am now the owner of a blue topaz – bling bling!

I explained to her about the wearing of blue on Friday for awareness of diabetes.  As usual the confusion with the types of diabetes came up – and I pulled out my insulin pump – showed off the infusion set in my tummy (see only 1 shot every 3 days instead of 30 – whoopee!!!).  Her mouth dropped when she learned of the increase in Type 1 diabetes – and that you didn’t have to be young to get it – that it really has no age limit now – the autoimmune system goes nuts – and BANG – pancreas shuts down without a thank you Mam!!!  She mentioned that she knew someone that might be interested in an insulin pump – despite my shocking her with the price tag if you have no coverage either via work place and/or provincial coverage.  I just told her for me – that so far – no complications of being an addict to insulin – and she said I had a glow to me (of course – I blurted out it was due to rosacea ).

So, exchange of my little calling card I always give out  – and off I went with my little bling bag – as I slowly started to realise …. the glow maybe more from just the rosacea – but a low blood sugar.  So, blood test, 3.5mmol/l /63mg/dl - something sweet – and then I was off again (with safe to drive BG/blood sugar) – to head home to get some more substantial grub into my body which was ….. GRILLED CHEESE!!! 

Now did you know that there are a few diabetics out there (and nonD’s) that just LOVE their grilled cheese!!!  Some like it squishy / chewy / American cheese only / Old Cheddar Cheese / you name it there are so many variations to this simple cheesy delight (low carb depending on the bread you use).  A few weeks ago – I had a discussion on my Facebook wall going on about websites devoted to this delicacy – and of course – Scott Johnson – a prominent blogger/member of the DOC has rights on the name of – along with Kerri McKay filling in from time to time (she’s from Canada – whoot!whoot!).

The tools I use - press grill not shown - ensures no burnt breadTools of trade in picture above - cheese slicer to ensure uniform cheese slices (in this case - I sadly skimped on cheese - should have put more in - but I was hungry - and just wanted to manger).  Brushing smoked olive oil onto bread is my mini-me chef thing.  What you don't see in the above picture - is the $20 press down grill my BFF gave me a few years ago - handy for grilling meats and  ..... GRILLED CHEESE!!!

So, please do not drool on your screen – as you look over the pictures of my greasy mug staring at you (and note the blue bling – I did my best to take self pictures – I really suck at being my own paparazzi). 

Psst - notice BLUE plate below - yuppers - it's all about Blue Friday (aka #BlueFriday in Tweeter land) - not just on my clothing/bling/whatever - BUT my dishware I so lovingly lick off of (saves on dish washing :) )!

 Above - bit of thyme roast pork tucked lovingly inbetween my home made buttermilk bread :)
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