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Posted: Aug 4, 2009 recently published an article discussing the outdated use of the Body Mass Index (BMI) test as a measure for obesity.  The inexpensive and ease with which the BMI can be calculated has contributed to the growth and popularity of this measure amongst researchers and doctors.  Unfortunately, though it has become common knowledge that the BMI test as a measure of body fat percentage over-simplifies how and what it means to be healthy, few doctors are willing to give it up.  Calculated by taking a person’s weight (measured in kilograms) and dividing it by the squared value of your height (measured in meters), the BMI test makes assumptions about your health based purely on your height and weight.  Though it is important to calculate and be aware of your body fat percentage, the current equation used to calculate BMI is too simple.  It provides a rather inaccurate representation of a person’s health.  More than height and weight, there is a plethora of other characteristics (such as gender, race, distribution of body fat, etc.) which contribute to your health.

Instead, the article calls for the use of alternative and more accurate ways of calculating body fat percentage, suggesting the incorporation of waist circumference measurements as a “supplement to, or replacement for, the body mass index”.  This is where our Advanced BMI Calculator comes into play.  Unlike the traditional BMI test, our Advanced BMI Calculator tool (which can be found in our Care Tools section) provides you with two important numbers when reflecting upon your weight; your BMI and Waist-Hip Ratio (WHP).  The two numbers calculated reflect the estimated impact of a person’s present weight and the shape of their overall health. 

 How does this BMI calculator differ from others?

Simply put, it takes gender and body fat distribution into consideration when calculating how your weight affects your health, rather than just your height.  This provides a more comprehensive overview of your weight and health. 

 What is the significance of the WHP?

WHP indicates weight distribution, commonly referred to as body shape, which plays a role in a person’s health. 


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Posted: Feb 3, 2009

 Yikes - the other day I noticed here on the Diabetes1 website a new little "toy" to play with.   Being part cat in my former life - curiosity took over - and I went into play around with the ball of wool for abit (program is very easy to use - takes you 30 secs - bing, bang, boom equals results).  I put in my details (you don't have to be a diabetic to use this tool if you are wondering) - and I wasn't surprised by the results of my being in the "considered overweight" area.  The interesting bit though of this calculator is the fact that now - BMI isn't the only tool that tells you your health risk.  A CBC link that is shown (yeah - Canadian!!) goes on about the waist / hip ratio actually being a better indicator of your health then the usual BMI result.

I do realize that I need to shed some weight (who doesn't?).  Age, less activity (especially for me during the winter months), holidays - has caused me to plump up abit.  My excuse is that my wrinkles on my face seem less obvious - so I "appear" younger - this is my story and I am sticking to it (you will find I like to use this phrase from time to time - guilt - guilt - guilt ).

Anyway, I have started up stationery cycling almost every day when I can fit in 30 minutes here and there with the radio playing in the background (yesterday on CBC Radio 1 - Jian Ghomeshi  of Q  was interviewing Jamie Bamber aka Apollo of Battlestar Galactica).  I've also started to go the route of Doris - another blogger on this website who averages 12g carbs per meal.  I'm going to attempt to cut down on my carbs (e.g. mainly breads/pasta - eating smaller portions - but not cutting them out totally).  It's going to be a hard thing to do as I'm a big lover of carbs - but I'm going at it slowly - and adjusting meds as needed (I'm insulin dependent since age 7).

In battling the bulge I will try my best on my own along with support from my main squeeze Mike.  He's also been told to lose some weight as well (he did his BMI test as well) - as he went to his GP for the first time in about 10 years!  So, it's not like I'm doing this alone.

BTW, if you want to listen to a good radio station while you workout (or even while sitting down at your PC) - check out this great Canadian institution where you can learn about what is going on outside of your backyard, along with great music (and no ads) -

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