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Posted: Apr 3, 2009

I went to see my endo yesterday - of course - like we all do - wondering what my latest A1C was going to be.  Well, it was 5.7% - down abit from 6 months ago plus I've lost some weight.  Whoo! Whoo!  Though that "whoo, whoo" - quickly changed to a state of shock when the endo told me he had noticed protein in my urine.  I'm in good control of my diabetes - how could it happen?  I mean blood sugars are good and I've never had high blood pressure. So, after over 40 years of being diabetic - are complications of having it for so long starting to creep up on me - just not wrinkles around the eyes???? 

He was pretty busy that day (it was a 1 hour wait to see him) - and I didn't really get to get down to the nitty gritty with him like we usually do.  When he said he was going to hike up the Avapro  from 150 mg to 300 mg - my brain became alert.  I was honest with him and told him -  "Uhm duh, I take it when I remember - like ... not that often".  Shaking his head - he said - "you take insulin - take your pill!".  In the medical world these meds are called ACE inhibitors that help relax your blood vessels so blood flows more freely and lowers blood pressure and puts less work on your kidney.  He had prescribed it to me many moons ago - as a preventative for having kidney problems.   Fine and dandy - but even before going on this med - I had perfect blood pressure results - so even despite one of my friends telling me to "take it" - well - I've fallen off the wagon as far as taking the Avapro.

When I got home I went and did abit of research on Avapro ( - and what's got me even more confused was when I read a paragraph saying this medication  may not be good if you have kidney problems already.  Yikes!!!!

 So of course, I'm worried now - wouldn't you be?  Is it because I've been eating low carb diet?  I didn't have time to tell my endo this.   If it is, I'm going back to my way of eating before. Oh joy, OJ in the morning again and how I have missed your sunny smile in the morning!!!  The one thing I'm going to try to find out is what the number was for the protein found in my urine - was I on the edge, middle ... ???  I completely forgot to ask the endo this in my shock - which is not usual for me.  Of course, office is closed today - so I'll have to wait until Monday - then consult a chart I've come across as to where I stand.


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