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Thing to hide

brigitte 's blog

Many years with type 1 from France...

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from country to town, part 2 - Dec 01
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from country to town - Dec 01
  It was in September 2003, I was in a bedroom, all was quiet but the pain in my chest was awful. Yes I was at the Clinique du Tonkin, a private hospital and yes I ...
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Thing to hide - May 02
A few days ago I started to write a blog in French and one in English. Did I tell that I have more type 1's friends from America or Canada than from France?  I spent ...
Some words about my twin - Apr 25
This is my first step in the world of blogs. I wanted to write about so many things about my diabetes, and now I'm in front of this empty "page" and trying to write something ...
Posted: May 2, 2010 4:52
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  • Thing to hide
    A few days ago I started to write a blog in French and one in English. Did I tell that I have more type 1's friends from America or Canada than from France?  I spent my whole diabetic life, and it began when I was ten years old, without knowing others people like me. Yes, I heard that a woman was type 1 when I was a teen but so sad, she died at 30 or a little more. In schools, nobody was like me. I was the strangest girl who ate sugar and got syringes. And in my adult life I met a man who was type 1, younger than me, and he was a neighbor! Nobody knows he was diabetic but one morning, I found something around the garbage box and that thing was the empty package of an insulin needle!  So there was another diabetic, near me, in my building, who used the same needles as I used! It was so hard to find who was the diabetic! And it was the bad year of 2003, the year my dear type 1 wanted to be a star and told me "I'm here"! September 2003, I was for the first time in my life in an emergency service and I had an open-heart surgery... this is another story. And a neighbor asked my family how I was...it was the man with the type 1, father of two nice little daughters. When I came back from the clinique (private hospital) we spoke together and he told me his story and told me to keep the secret. He didn't want to be someone that others people put their finger on and said "He is diabetic".
    When I was a diabetic child and later a young diabetic woman, I heard so many times:"oh, you're a diabetic, you eat too much sugar, or you can't eat sugar" . Or they just took a look at me, and said to my mother "it's sad for you"  I started type 1 in the prehistoric age and, here in France, there were few children with type 1. Now I hope that people understand the difference between type 1 and type 2, in France. It's not a shame to be a type 1, it's our life, our battle. Maybe it's why I got the strange feeling that I was alone.
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  • By: FatCatAnna: May, 02, 2010 13:14 PM

    Yes, I know what you mean by feeling alone as a Type 1.  When I was at school, I was the only diabetic, and most of my close friends knew I was one, but other then that, I was just a normal girl who dealt with life and had to take insulin every day.  You are probably like myself, where we only had 1 insulin shot a day, tested our urine to see how our blood sugars (BG's) were.  A trip to the diabetic clinic (mostly full of Type 2's) a few times a year and that was it.  A1C's were not even around then (where blood cells can reveal your average BG over a 3 month period), they came abit later in the 70's I think. 

    I was very lucky that my parents could afford to send me to diabetic camp for a few years - that is where I really felt like I was not alone - and am still friends with a few of them after all these years. When I really started to know other diabetics was when I had a few friends become Type 1's in their late 20's.  One of them was an old boyfriend from high school, and I used to joke that he got it from kissing me (not true of course)! Did you ever have children run away from you thinking they would get diabetes by touching you?  I did a few times, a memory I try not to think about, but kids are kids. Oui?  The other place I have met other diabetics, is at forums here on on the Internet.  I only discovered this a few years ago, and I wish I had discovered this earlier.

    I am like you thought, I have never felt ashamed to be a diabetic like some PWD's (people with diabetes) feel.  It's what I am, maybe it's easier for us, because we have had it since we were children/les enfants, that we can accept it perhaps better?  I know for myself, when I meet another diabetic, I get excited, wanting to see how the cope with controlling their health, and sharing how I deal with it. 

    Curious Brigette, was the open heart surgery due to complications from diabetes?  I know that as diabetics are blood vessels work very hard pumping our blood through our bodies and of course, with having diabetes/high blood pressure (if not checked) - we are susceptible to heart problems.


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