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what did the doctor say?

brigitte 's blog

Many years with type 1 from France...

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Posted: May 14, 2010 13:08
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  • what did the doctor say?

    And the doctor said « your daughter is diabetic” 



    This is how I joined the D world. Well, so I think I must tell you that I’m type 1 since so many years, since 1967. On the first days of September 1967 I started to get insulin. I never had a coma before and I know that my first bg was 1,50 gramme… A number that is a good number today, but this old one was the beginning of a new life with so tall long needles and glass syringes


    And a tall nurse who went into my home to inject insulin in my legs and arms every day. No more Sunday. She went from September to December. After I made my injections

    And in 1968, my parents discovered plastic syringes, single used. They were from Gillette. And it was May 1968…street fighting men. My father didn’t work and the factories, the offices were closed, shops were closed, no more fuel for the cars. And it was a very happy month because the schools were closed. So I didn’t go there and I played with my brother Philippe. And I remember that there were no more my Gillette needles.


     So it was a bad new. But like Christopher Colombus, my father discovered BD syringes and needles from America.

    It was a long time ago.  I called these days my prehistoric age. I lived without control. No A1C!  I don’t talk to you about the drops of urine into a small glass tube where we added drops of water, and then something called maybe clinitest, a big tablet. I keep this:


    And I was a child, a teen, a young adult and I discovered in 1984, my first glucometer. I used to wait maybe a minute to get my bg. Now I need 3 seconds… thanks.

    Well I ate carbs, vegetables, sometimes cakes. I never forgot an injection but I was without control and I certainly had too much sugar in my blood. One of the first A1C showed such a bad number, 13%!!!!!

    But there was no complication. My eyes were well, I walked a lot and I live my life and sometimes I had the feeling to forget that I was with a strange illness who worked without sound.

    The first bad new was my retinopathy but the laser was here. And it was in the beginning of the nineties. Everything was ok after laser.

    Of course, I knew there were complications but why myself? I felt so good!  Maybe my doctor, an Endo, was not the right doctor. Maybe he spoke too much about politics; maybe he didn’t care about my health because I was feeling so fine.

    And once again, laser and bad A1C. And a new Endo. A woman. Well it was not as pleasant as with my other Endo. She wanted 6 bg per day, A1C every 3 months, and so many others things. She said that my insulins were not good for me so I changed. She said that she didn’t want a bg above 150 after meal, so I changed.  Changes, like the song. And it was a difficult task. My postprandial bg were still high. So I walked more.

    She was a woman without a smile on her face but she was a very good doctor. And one day she told, she stopped working. So a new Endo, another woman. Not at all the same, once again. She likes to laugh, to smile and she was a good Endo. She worked like the woman without smile but no fear to meet her. Everything was right and then came summer, holydays in a small old village, near the mountains. And it was 2003.


    It was a hot summer and it was nice because like the lizard I like hot weather, sun and blue sky. I walked a lot. And at the beginning of august, one morning, I told my family that I can’t see with my right eye. Well, the only big hospital was in Valence at 75 kilometres far from the little village but I was thinking about become blind, about bad things. We arrived at the emergency and some minutes after I saw a doctor. During the travel, in car, my vision was getting better and there was no more “all is black”! The doc didn’t see abnormal thing in my eye. I told him that I was a type 1 and got retinopathy.

    And the doctor said “there’s nothing in your eye, you can go home”…


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  • By: FatCatAnna: May, 14, 2010 14:39 PM
    I wish I could remember what diabetes was like when I was younger.  I think sometimes I put it all inside a little box and maybe one day I'll open it up and remember more.  So glad you found a good endo to take care of you finally.  I still wish I could  find one that understands me better, but so far, I just do the best as endo's are very hard to find - even more so - ones that are knowledgable about insulin pumps.  Psst, I am almost finished my Lantus, next I go onto Levemir - I can't wait!


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