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Getting it done

Work, work and more work

Getting it done
By: ekc

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Posted: Jun 19, 2008 9:12
  • Work, work and more work

    Haven't been around in awhile - getting my butt kicked by work. I've been traveling and have had my workload almost tripled since some people left the office. Despite the erratic hours and traveling I've been able to keep pretty good control. I have been testing more though to make sure of that. I've also gotten really good at noticing the early signs of an impending problem. This comes in handy if I'm on the road at a client so I don't start to get wonky in the middle of a meeting.

    I do want to research and get a pump. I've been talking about it for awhile and the main thing holding me back is that I haven't done the research. I'm a research junky. If I'm going to buy running shoes I will read all the reviews I can get my hands on and after I've exhausted the data I make my choice. With pumps I'm afraid that I'll do my research, pick one and then something new and better will come out. I've also noticed a lot of continuous monitors - that seems to be the wave of the future and it definitely makes sense rather than having to continually, manually test. I think the Navigator is the newest technology for continuous monitoring so I'll definitely be checking that out. I'll keep everyone posted on what I find and let me know if you're using something you love or hate.

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  • By: Elena_Ivanova:

    I would def. recommend you to start using a pump. All technological things were new at some point in their history. We can not imagine our life without a cell phone, internet. But I am pretty sure your grandma did not even think about  looking up a receipe for Thanksgiving day turkey on www.howtocook.com website when she was your age for example :) In my opinion, if we are given such a great opportunity to be the first generation of pump-users why to wait?! I greatly appreciate he pump so will you - I promise! :)

    By: gkelly:

    Getting a pump makes good sense.  It says that you are finally ready to "accept this thing" and get the best technology to achieve it. 

    I have been on a pump for over a year now.  Check out Medtronic's "Paradigm Insulin Pump".  It is covered by most Health Plan's 100%.  The company has also partnered with One Touch (glucose monitor) who now makes a meter that "talks" to the pump and sends blood sugars directly to it (rather than entering them manually) - TIME SAVER!

    It ain't easy, but it's comforting knowing that there are devices that can make living with this thing - a whole lot better.

    insulin (1) glucometer (1) pump (1)

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