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Sassy C's

With Diabetes your body needs to be cared for

Sassy C's
By: cynthiad

Sassy C,Cynthia D.Williams blogger and Diabetic Type2.My purpose for blogging is to share, and give positive advice regarding the illness.I joined to learn about the new technologies,treatments.Also 2 meet others and make last friendship through networking.http://blondedivatoo.wordpress.com

is my main blog.Stop by and tell me what you think.

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With Diabetes your body needs to be cared for - Apr 10
With Diabetes your body needs to be cared for  By Cynthia D.Williams   You must take care of your body,hands,feet.Plus use remedies on any open sore,overgrown ...
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Diabetes coming to grip with it  by Cynthia D.Williams   When I was diagnosed with diabetes it shocked me.I found out  it was family-related on my motherside.I ...
Posted: Apr 10, 2009 15:43
  • With Diabetes your body needs to be cared for

    With Diabetes your body needs to be cared for  By Cynthia D.Williams


    You must take care of your body,hands,feet.Plus use remedies on any open sore,overgrown toe nail see your doctor.You must use special soaps for these areas.The body also needs the proper circulation in restoring energy and relieve tension in muscles.To be able to function.All these steps help the body’s balance to maintain good health.



    Your regiment’s are vital and are enhanced once you’re committed to doing them.It’s important not to relapse into not being”motivated”.When that happens,I ‘ve been there.What you do?call up a friend or activities partner.To get you back in the right “frame of mind”.Because your life depends on it!.

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  • By: : Aug, 17, 2009 18:21 PM

    I agree and am in this "game" with you all.  We all need people to help us.  Keep in mind, and don't become a "full-time" Diabetic.  In other words, don't make your entire personality about "controlling blood sugars", "worrying about complications", "being sad all the time".  One can get into this "luxury" of always looking at "data" and "research" and forget to be living life fully - without worry.  So go get 'em guys!

    By: cynthiad: Apr, 13, 2009 15:16 PM

    thank u fatcatanna & ms.dickerson for your comments.

    By: FatCatAnna: Apr, 11, 2009 15:29 PM

    Bonjour Cynthia! Welcome to the world of blogging and looking forward to your next blog!  There's a few of us here that try to do our best in telling the world about how we deal with our soap opera life (or that's what I think mine is at least <lol>)!  I know I try to deal with it in a different way then others here deal with it - but we're all different in our approaches. Thumbs up with your blog on how to deal with our vessel of life - aka body.  I know for myself - there are so many great forums now for diabetics to turn to - this being one of them.  I wish I'd discovered these earlier - just found out last year - I'm a late bloomer aren't I? Take care!

    By: dorisjdickson: Apr, 10, 2009 18:26 PM

    Welcome to diabetes1 Cynthia and thank you for your insight. 


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