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Anna's Blog

Traveling with Diabetes - Round the World 2009

Anna's Blog
By: FatCatAnna

The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes! Whoo! Whoo!

I am a Type 1 diabetic diagnosed back in the early 60's as a child.  I am living in Montreal, Canada and enjoy scribbling about diabetes from time to time. I’ve had my ups / downs just like any person would experience with going through life - diabetic or not.  My motto in life?  Diabetes does not control me – I control it!! 

You can find more posts/discussions at my Facebook page called "The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes" and also on Twitter under the name of FatCatAnna.  Feel free to follow me at both places or send me a private message!

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Posted: Sep 29, 2009 11:21
  • Traveling with Diabetes - Round the World 2009

    Carnival Mask from BrazilI've blogged in the past about some of my travel adventures and not allowing diabetes to stop me from pursuing my exploration of our big blue marble, but what came across my screen today about Bridget McNulty,  from South Africa and her partner Mark Peddle just blew me away.   They are doing what I've always dreamed of doing, but I don't have the time / money to do it. 

    Bridget was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 25, back in 2007 and uses Apidra and Lantus to control her diabetes, and with A1C's under 6% - she is doing very well!

    Over the next nine months they are going to be traveling the globe, promoting diabetes and the fact that it doesn't have to stop you from doing whatever you want.  Most of you know that I have never let diabetes hold me back, in fact; I think having diabetes has made me do things that I would never think of doing!  To me, life is too short, to experience as much as you can in whatever time I have, I want to do it!!  Again, within reason of money and time (ahhh - to have a rich auntie or sponsor ... in my dreams LOL).

    During the next four months, they are touring the Asian continent and then making their way to Central and South America, returning back to South Africa for the .... Soccer World Cup (gotta love that!) in June 2010.

    To follow their journey, thru' blogs, vlogs, check out Just The Planet.  You never know, maybe this will get your travel juices going, and the next thing we'll know is you'll be blogging about your adventures online to the world as well!

    As Bridget says, and I quote - "diabetes is a condition that can be dealt with, no matter where in the world you are."  She took the words right out of my mouth, and oh, don't forget to pack double the amount of supplies you think you'll need in your globe trotting despite the hassle of lugging it around (been there, done that LOL).


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  • By: FatCatAnna: Oct, 05, 2009 13:08 PM

    Hi Comet - not sure if Bridget will check back here - but I can respond on her behalf with how I handle those "unknown" foods as I travel abit as well (not to exotic places like they are doing though - lucky buggers). Anyway, I just calculate based on my gutt instincts with having had had to do this for many years (diabetic of 41 years).  Usually I'm pretty good with figuring out what the carb count is for the food to be eaten, and go from there with the amount of insulin to cover what I'm eating - and correct along the way incase I haven't given enough.  I also check my BG's more frequently.

    Because I'm planning on one day doing a sail across the ocean. The way that I figure I'll be keeping my insulin from becoming "tainted" - is to keep it in a cooler pack.  There are products out there like Frio - that will keeps insulin at a good temp - without any refridgeration.  Also, I find packing my insulin within my clothing, keeps it well insulated from the heat.  Did you know you don't have to store insulin in the fridge? As long as you don't let it go in temps above  86°F /30°C  and keep your vials of insulion away from heat and light,  you should be fine. I've done this for years.  Now, because Bridget is probably staying in places with electricity (on our boat we have limited electricity) - she maybe keeping it from getting warm another way as she is going to be in some hot/humid areas!

    I'll send her an email to see if she can respond to your questions tho' - or it you go to the link I provided in my blog above - you should be able to contact her directly (I follow her both in Facebook and Twitter).

    By: Comet: Oct, 04, 2009 00:24 AM

    Hey Bridget,  Thanks for sharing your & Mark's story.   Two big questions for me-

    1. how do you calculate the glycemic index of your food when you probably don't know the ingredients, nor sometimes, can anyone tell you-

    2. how do you keep you maintain an untainted supply of insulin while on the move?

    Good luck whilst you travel!

    By: : Sep, 30, 2009 03:51 AM

    Thanks for the post, Anna! We're really keen to connect with diabetics (and non-diabetics bitten by the traveling bug!) from all over the world... So happy to have made contact with you!

    We are also more than happy to accept any and all tips and hints on traveling... Thanks!

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