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brigitte 's blog

Some words about my twin

brigitte 's blog

Many years with type 1 from France...

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from country to town - Dec 01
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Some words about my twin - Apr 25
This is my first step in the world of blogs. I wanted to write about so many things about my diabetes, and now I'm in front of this empty "page" and trying to write something ...
Posted: Apr 25, 2010 13:14
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  • Some words about my twin
    This is my first step in the world of blogs. I wanted to write about so many things about my diabetes, and now I'm in front of this empty "page" and trying to write something in English with my French brain... Not so easy. 
    And to day I'm going to tell you a little  about my friend, my twin as she wrote, Anna... I'm sure everybody know her blog, her work. The first time I saw her on photos and read something about her, I was asking myself : Is she a type 1 like myself?  and yes, she was! And I wasn't American and with her and others friends from America I began to learn so much that I took my time to understand all the informations from them. No I didn't discover the Moon or Mars, I discovered a new life. Maybe it was too late because my old friend Type 1 was with me since I was ten years old and at this moment of my life it was prehistoric age. I remember all these so big needles and the syringes made of glass and of course the doctor who said to my parents " your daughter is  Diabetic". I'm Diabetic.
    And now I inject Levemir and Apidra with my pen and so small needles! And , yes, Anna used Levemir too. So she is a woman, she is a type 1, she used Levemir, she likes life...maybe she is right, she is my twin. 
     This is my first step .
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  • By: FatCatAnna: Apr, 26, 2010 22:54 PM
    Ahhh - bonjour my twin!  You are so right about the pen needles we use now!  So tiny from what we grew up with (ouch - I hated them so much!).  When I hear other diabetic today complain of needles, I think to myself, hmmm, come back to the 60's and see what I had to endure!

    So, I hope you don't mind - but here is a picture of Brigitte - my twin (tho' I think she is so much cuter) - who I hope will tell us of all her adventures from her home in France (this summer she worked on the roof of her summer home - what a feat that was)!

    Type 1 (1) Apidra (1) Levemir (1) pen (1) needles (1)

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