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Parenting a type 1 child

Mom's blog
By: supermom912

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My daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1. She passed out one night at home and we had to rush her to the emergency room. After talking to her doctors and looking back ...
Posted: Feb 27, 2008 13:53
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  • Parenting a type 1 child

    My daughter was recently diagnosed with type 1. She passed out one night at home and we had to rush her to the emergency room. After talking to her doctors and looking back over the weeks leading up to her diagnosis she may have shown some subtle signs we missed.

    I would imagine that's not unusual - especially with teenagers. She's always running around involved in tons of activities. Getting up early, staying up late - studying, sports, being with friends and family. Did she appear more tired than normal? Not that we could tell. If you are the parent of a teenager you also know how much they can eat and drink and that it can wildly fluctuate from week to week. My daughter is never without a bottle of water. Does that mean she was exhibiting excess thirst? I think we missed it.

    Now that diabetes has become an official member of our family we're doing everything we can to minimize its impact on our daughter's life. We're also considering counseling to make sure we're not ignoring the emotional aspects of the disease. I've been reading a lot about the links between diabetes and depression and I want to make sure we're giving our daughter all the tools she needs to stay healthy.

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  • By: jessbaby:

    You sound like a wonderful mom. Your daughter is lucky to have such support in her corner. My mom was pretty good only she got overly anxious and it came out as anger and not so much anxiety. Sounds like you're doing great things and trying really hard. That's great to hear - I was diagnosed when I was 21, and even though it was on both sides of my family, no one caught it until pretty late and my blood sugar was 800 when they got me...so try not to hold your feet over the fire too much - being a teen and raising a teen are both tough jobs but it sounds like you're getting through it well. Kudos!

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