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Anna's Blog

Ohhh I don't know what's come over me!!

Anna's Blog
By: FatCatAnna

The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes! Whoo! Whoo!

I am a Type 1 diabetic diagnosed back in the early 60's as a child.  I am living in Montreal, Canada and enjoy scribbling about diabetes from time to time. I’ve had my ups / downs just like any person would experience with going through life - diabetic or not.  My motto in life?  Diabetes does not control me – I control it!! 

You can find more posts/discussions at my Facebook page called "The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes" and also on Twitter under the name of FatCatAnna.  Feel free to follow me at both places or send me a private message!

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Posted: Jun 7, 2014 16:55
  • Ohhh I don't know what's come over me!!

    Sock Monkey always travels with us (he even has his own Facebook page)

    Yes, some of you think I'm on holidays alot.  Well, I guess I work to travel after the bills are paid for.  Does that make much sense?  My DH and I lately have been talking about whether or not we will retire in a few years (we've been working for close to 35 years now - we've paid our dues we feel).  The strange thing, we both like what we do and we get paid for it!!!  The other factor, which I may have mentioned before in blogs.  We have health coverage while we work.  If we retire, that all disappears or else we fork out our own money for it.   My DH won't have to pay much as he has no medical conditons ... yet.  With my diabetes though, it could be hefty.  So, with the holiday time we have allocated and my contract work which is feast or famine (I'm alright with that) - we're sticking it out longer than what some of our work mates think is crazy.  Of course, this may all change if our health does as well - but the main thing - we both like what we do.  Hearing stories of folks retiring early, and then they regret quitting - not plesant - epecially if you have to start at the bottom of the totem pole again for senority, holiday time, etc.  


    So, as usual, I've gone on a different vector for my blog.  What I was originally posting about was the fun of menopause heat flair ups and how closely related they are to when we diabetics experience a hypo or low blood sugar.  You know, that warm fuzzy drenched sweaty feeling? Yuppers, I experienced for some reason so many of these during my week long holiday that I think everyone down to the stateroom cleaning staff knew I was having a moment!!!  I'd be talking to someone, and then sudden ooze of warmth from head to toe.  Oh joy!!

    I'd be feeling slightly cold at the time (darn Hashimotos disease that I've acquired this year) - and then ..... woosh - I'm feeling like I'm in a tropical rain forest - except no monkey's (sorry Sock Monkey doesn't count) or bugs surrounding me wanting to munch on me.  Very odd feeling and of course, PANIC, is it a low I wonder to myself (especially at night which most diabetics worry they won't wake up in time to treat it properly).

    Sea Glass Beach, Bermuda

    It's taking abit of adjustment to realise it's not a hypo but instead a hormonal flush.  I'm was thru' test sticks like crazy on my holidays - but it's a necessary thing in order for me to not go out of control.

    What was amazing on this recent holiday.  I came across so many Type 2 diabetics - who of course - I get chatting to (my poor DH - he is soooo patient with me when I'm blabbing about diabetes this, diabetes that - bless him).  Some on insulin (I saw one diabetic at night time with an Omnipod - soooo cool), some not.  One woman told me she hadn't tested her blood sugars at all since starting her holiday.  I was like SCREAM!!!!  You crazy woman.

    We were that close to her on our way out on the NCL Getaway

    Of course, last day of my holidays.  Low and behold as we're coming into Manhattan and hanging out on the deck (anniversary/birthday splurge - DH spoiled me rotten going all ouot).  I discover she's right next to our stateroom - since her room mate recognised me.  Small world - despte being on a big Fing mega floating city (+6500 people - scary stuff - and never again for us - too big for my taste I'm afraid to say).

    So, yuppers, that's my little blog for today.  Menopause flushes and hypos flushes - are VERY similar - and I'm having to adjust - not panic.  Strange enough though, since coming back home.  I've not experienced these overwhelming flushes that just comes out of no where .... odd ... does sea air only cause it?  Instead I'm feeling cold despite the 25C+ temps we are now having.  Eghads, I'm meant to live in the islands man - or drink more Dark 'n Stormys ;)

    Doing my "model" poise at Black Bay Beach, Bermuda (yes - the water is turquoise!!)

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