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Short & Nutra-Sweet

Spring Fever

Short & Nutra-Sweet

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Posted: Mar 7, 2009 14:45
  • Spring Fever

    March came in like a lamb here in Michigan.  In one day, most of the winter snow is gone.  Yesterday, Friday, the weather was as clear and sunny as the Great Lakes allow.  Now, today it is foggy and the rain is washing away most of the snow that is left.  Our 1/2 mile driveway is a sea of mud, not yet fit for a vehicle with only two wheels.  So, what is a motorcyclist with Spring Fever to do?

    The most a motorcyclist can do is start up the bike, listen to the motor and dream of open road ahead.  I have already begun to look at maps and day-dream about possible trips not too far from home.  My motorcycle female friends and I are planning a long weekend up in Traverse City, MI.  We hope to make this the 1st Annual of many trips to come. 

    I was given my 1st bike when I was 12 years old.  I road dirt bikes for years with my dad.  Within two years of starting college as an undergrad, I had purchase my 1st Harley.  It was advertised as a 1958 Honda and knowing that Honda did not start in the USA until the early 1960s I was intrigued.  I took a friend with me and off to the rural areas we traveled in search of the allusive 1958 "Honda."

    We arrived at a small house with many vehicles in the driveway.  When the man came out to meet us we tried hard to appear relaxed.  Even though my insides were jumping and my head was spinning because all I wanted was to learn the truth about the mystery bike.  I could hardly contain myself as he lead us into a packed garage.

    As my eyes adjusted to the light I began to make out the shape of a classic, old school, pan head.  The bike, now identified as a 1958 FL Harley-Davidson, was painted a nondescript green and off white.  She had her full bat wing fairing and windshield, an old style sportster banana seat and glorious bullet style saddle bags.  I could not believe my eyes.  The owner did not know it yet, but he had just sold his HD!

    By the time we left that day, I had purchased not only a pan head but also a 1971 Triumph Fast Back, 2 seater sports car (one of only 1500 made for the USA).  I purchased both vehicles for $5000.  I could not believe my good fortune.  I felt like I had come home at last.

    Four years later, I married my current husband, Dan.  He assured me that he could ride motorcycles, so I gave him the 1958.  Dan is a big man and would have less trouble kick starting the pan head than I would.  So the search began for an electric start motorcycle for my 5'3" frame.  It took four years to find my 1976 FLH Bagger.  And twenty-two years later I joined the 21st Century and bought a 2005 Road King EFI Police Bike.  If I am true to form, I will most likely ride the Road King for another twenty years.

    Off I go to stroke and fondle my bike and get it ready for the new riding season.  Happy Trails!



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  • By: dorisjdickson: Mar, 08, 2009 12:49 PM

    Can't say I'm interested in bikes at all guys.  However, I have my own spring fever.  Yesterday, it involved open windows and doors, carpet cleaning and painting cabinet doors - any excuse for being outdoor when it is almost 60 degrees and sunny.  Jeff built new cabinet doors for the downstairs bathroom to avoid replacing the whole custom sized vanity. 

    The dog sat on his "blanky" in the sun and barked at every dog who dared walk down the street.  Most neighbors are cool about this; others are cranky.  They clearly need more of something!

    Best yet was grilling marinated steak (I use salad dressing) and vegetables (broccoli, carrots and summer squash) which we do all winter long, but it is much nicer without snow and ice and 30 degree temperatures.  It was good on the blood sugar too. 

    Reality returns tomorrow ... they say snow and rain again.  Ick.

    Doris J. Dicksons 

    By: FatCatAnna: Mar, 07, 2009 16:54 PM

    Here I was coming online to do my own blog - about motorcycles  (Spring must be in the air) - and low and behold - your FANTASTIC story of how you started off with motorcycling - so I'm going to forestall my thoughts for now and let you ride the front page for awhile - it's such a good read.  I'm counting down the days until legally here in Quebec we can bring our bikes out on the road again (March 15th).   Have been assisting Mike my main squeeze with putting back a Yamaha 400XL that we split the engine apart this winter - and cleaning up my BMW 650GS - and hopefully we don't argue over who rides which one when they are finally on the road. 

    Anyway, I am grinning from ear to ear reading what a sweet deal you got on both a Harley and a Triumph!!  Oh I envy you so.  My first bike was a Honda 450 way back in - brain fart here - sorry it smells - 1980- used the money my Dad has put away for college fund - to buy my first bike (he was alright with that as he knew I wanted to work and travel).  Some might think - what the heck would you do that for - throw education out the window?  Well, when you love the sound / feel of an engine - the rush of the air - the splat of the occasional kamikaze bug on your jacket - which can you resist?  Instead I attended the University of Life and still am!


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