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Omnipod Insulin Management System

pod with adhesive attaching

Omnipod Insulin Management System

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Nature-friendly disposal of syringes? - Nov 14
Does anyone have any ideas about the disposal of used syringes (for filling my omnipod each time).  Each omnipod set comes with a pod (adhesive-attached insulin reservoir) ...
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What does anybody know about the use of nasal (spray) insulin?...
Old Omnipod System - Sep 18
This is the former generation of the PDM of the Omnipod System by Insulet Corporation. Note:  This is not the latest product.  See my new image above....
pod with adhesive attaching - Sep 18
This is how the pod looks attached to your body. ...
Insulet updates their PDM interface - Sep 18
  This is the updated PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) - the blue device.  It is called theOmnipod and it is made by a company based in Bedford, Ma (Insulet Corporation). ...
Posted: Sep 18, 2009 10:28
  • pod with adhesive attaching

    A Pod attached to one's arm. Part of the Omnipod System

    This is how the pod looks attached to your body.

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  • By: FatCatAnna: Apr, 18, 2010 11:55 AM

    Hey JB - welcome to Diabetes1.org - hopefully we can share how we handle our diabetes.  I'm still learning even after all the years of having diabetes.

    There's a new discussion going on here at Diabetes1.org at this link

    BTW, our Catalina 30 is making it's way via the road (we don't have the time to bring it back home from Marblehead, MA - 2-3 week trip - then it's been on the hard for a few years, so for all we know, the head (loo) might not work, engine might go wonky (during the travels down the 40+ locks we go thru'). Playing it safe, it's coming to Canada on Tuesday! Can't wait to get to know her (Jenna's Journey) better.  Seeing as you live in CA, maybe you'll take up sailing again?  Remember, we've got a Catalina 25 (aka Fat Cat) - needing a new owner - on a cradle that is built to be transported by road. Just let me know if you're interested :)

    By: : Apr, 11, 2010 09:04 AM
    I'm new to this group.  I have tried the solo4me trial pump too.  It seems like great technology.  Sad to see its 160 mil to get something like this off the ground.  Have fun on your Catalina 30 we had a 26 Santana in DC before moving out here to CA....  All the best

    By: FatCatAnna: Apr, 10, 2010 00:23 AM
    Just came across this bit of news about the Solo MicroPump (I got to test out the "non-functioning version" a few months ago).

    I was hoping to perhaps be picked for their trial run which was to begin this month. Here I was all set to find a doctor in the USA that would vouch for me, as I'm Canadian.  I  was optimistic that I would be picked in the area (Rochester, NY) that I had my  sample Solo MicroPump sent to (a PWD can only dream - right?).  Alas,  this just came across my desktop from one of the many insulin pump forums I belong to.  Someone had requested a sample of the SoloMicro Pump and received this reply ....

    We are excited to inform you that on April 1st our  parent company, Elron Industries, advised us of a potential acquisition of  Medingo.  For the full press release, click here.
    As part of this  potential acquisition, the launch of the Solo MicroPump is temporarily on hold  until a resolution is reached.  We hope a final  agreement is reached soon  so that we may bring this exciting new product to  market as quickly as possible. Please feel free to continue to communicate with us during this time and we will update you as soon as a resolution is reached. Thank you so much for your interest in the Solo MicroPump!

    Susie Kagel
    Customer Service Representative

    By: : Oct, 01, 2009 11:10 AM

    Hi FatCatAnna,

    Here's that pump, Solo:


    As far as the omnipod is concerned, there is no disattaching, etc.  The device (pod) that adhesively sticks onto you (and holds your insulin) is completely water-submersible.  That means there is nothing to disconnect, disattach.  You are good to go - w/o any preparation.  

    As far a units capacity, I know it can hold "up to 200 units" at a time.  Also, since the adhesive attaches to your skin, there is no way to refill your pod since the little port hole is no longer accessible once you attach the pod to your body.  Something to think about.  

    By: FatCatAnna: Sep, 29, 2009 23:51 PM

    Thanks Doris for posting the info on how much each pod costs. I can't seem to find the info on their webpage - it seems to be all top secret - compared to the other insulin pump webpages.  Not sure why they don't post the information - but maybe I wasn't looking in the right place.

    So Gene (aka Jazzsushi) - the cats out of the bag as to your true name - tho' I still like Jazzsushi (love sushi AND jazz by the way - if you ever come to Montreal - can show you some great places - we're only 5 hours from your neck of the woods).

    You've got a great helper there in Doris, with finding info for you.  I know who to come to when I've got a question or two - especially when it relates to the way your private insurance works in the US (she's explained it a few times to me and it's slowly sinking in how copays work, etc. etc. ).

    So Gene, see you around the Diabetes1 playground again - looking forward to your next blog/forum post!

    By: dorisjdickson: Sep, 29, 2009 16:05 PM


    They are approximately $35 each the last I knew.  You should be able to request an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) especially if it is a prescription type item (as opposed to durable goods).

    The info should be available on your online account.  You'll need a user id/password if you don't already have it.  Just go to the HPHC website.  Most of the insurance sites I've used show the billable amount, contract amount, insurance pays and patient pays.


    By: : Sep, 29, 2009 15:50 PM


    My pods don't cost me anything....at least I'm not billed
    directly because it goes through my insurance.

    in my plan.  I live in the Boston area and use Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare.  And I do not have to pay anything initially, except maybe the co-pay.  That reminds me,
    I need to figure out who or what exactly is being billed.

    By: FatCatAnna: Sep, 27, 2009 16:40 PM

    Okay, thanks for getting around to my questions on the Omnipod.  I've got my sample of the SoloMicro Pump - but unfortunately it's waiting for me at my friends house in Seneca Falls, NY - they are holding it hostage for me until I get back to their neck of the woods in a few weeks. Because I live in Canada, and Omnipod/SoloMicro Pump are I guess "illegal" - I couldn't have it shipped here.  I know, sounds odd, we share the same continent, but we can't get them here due to government stuff, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    Hopefully once I see the brochures they send onto me with the Solo pump - I'll be able to figure out if it can be refilled unlike the Omnipod which is a one use item.

    BTW, how much does it cost each time you put on a new Omnipod. I know with my insulin pump (Animas 2020) - the intial output of $6K CDN for the pump was pretty harsh - but luckily my private insurance forked out 80%.  I reuse the insulin cartridge about 5-8 times (comes in a box of 10 for $40CDN if memory serves me right). My infusion sets average $15-20 (I go thru' a new one every 3 days).

    There's more discussion on the SoloMicro Pump vs Omnipod at http://www.diabetes1.org/forum/Insulin_Pump_Users/SoloMicropump_Omnipod_has_competition#63830.  I had posted it in an earlier reply to you - but maybe I didn't do the link properly (still new to this computer stuff - but I'm a quick learner).

    By: FatCatAnna: Sep, 18, 2009 18:17 PM

    Hey Jazzsushi,

    I thought it perhaps was like the SoloMicropump that's being released into the US market next year (still waiting for costs on it - see this forum link where there's a picture of their "pod" there as well - with dimensions etc.).

    BTW, does the Omnipod now come off the infusion base - incase you want to  take a leap into the hot tub? Just curious about that. Here in Canada, Omnipod hasn't been approved to be released to the public yet. We are slow pokes compared to you folks in the United States!!

    Also, how much insulin is in the Omnipod?  I know with my Animas that I can fill it up to 200 units. For some diabetics who use more insulin then you or I do - so they have to refill their cartridge up with insulin if they want to stick to the 3 day infusion change (to prevent scarring of course).

    By: : Sep, 18, 2009 11:11 AM

    Also, I might add that the Omnipod Insulin Management System for treating insulin dependent people is the only device on the market that has the "pump and glucometer" as one device.  All other insulin pumps are just that: insulin pumps.  You have to carry an additional glucometer around with you.  I like the Omnipod system more because of this big reason.

    By: : Sep, 18, 2009 11:01 AM

    Dear RunnersHigh. I apologize for not posting text.  I actually was having difficulty with images loading for some reason and hence the textless images. I will try to be more clear. I did not know you could add text to the images.  Now I know!

    What I am trying to tell the community here is that this system of insulin delivery for Type I Diabetes is the best system I know for taking care of your Diabetes.  Wearing this pod is comfortable and it will last 3 days.  At that time, you have to discard it and refill a new one, then apply it.

    It is not even noticeable once the cannula becomes inserted (a small tube that gets inserted into the skin).

    And there are little warning beeps that sound once your pod is reaching the end of its life (which is about 3 days). Improvement in lifestyle?  Without a question.  

    By: RunnersHigh: Sep, 18, 2009 10:31 AM

    Please post some text with yout blog entry. I am a very frequent reader of the Diabetes1 blogs, but I do not get what you are trying to tell the community here. Is this Pod with adhesive attaching comfortable? How long are you wearing at a time? Thanks.


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