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Omnipod Insulin Management System

Nature-friendly disposal of syringes?

Omnipod Insulin Management System

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Nature-friendly disposal of syringes? - Nov 14
Does anyone have any ideas about the disposal of used syringes (for filling my omnipod each time).  Each omnipod set comes with a pod (adhesive-attached insulin reservoir) ...
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Old Omnipod System - Sep 18
This is the former generation of the PDM of the Omnipod System by Insulet Corporation. Note:  This is not the latest product.  See my new image above....
pod with adhesive attaching - Sep 18
This is how the pod looks attached to your body. ...
Insulet updates their PDM interface - Sep 18
  This is the updated PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) - the blue device.  It is called theOmnipod and it is made by a company based in Bedford, Ma (Insulet Corporation). ...
Posted: Nov 14, 2009 11:37
  • Nature-friendly disposal of syringes?

    Does anyone have any ideas about the disposal of used syringes (for filling my omnipod each time).  Each omnipod set comes with a pod (adhesive-attached insulin reservoir) that you fill w/insulin by an enclosed pod syringe.  What to do with these plastic syringes afterwards?  The needles can come off....but should I just cut them off with a needle cutter (quicker)  and toss the syringes into the garbage.....(Hate to be such a guilty syringe polluter) - but what are you gonna do?

    Any ideas, suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • By: avigneau1: Feb, 26, 2010 16:03 PM

    If you're anything like Kris Freeman, I'm guessing you don't have this problem.  Having a sugar crash in the middle of a race would probably be a greater concern.  The guy is an absolute warrior.  SI just did a nice piece on him and gave some awareness to Type I diabetes in general.  Check it out. 

    Below is an example of an omnipod for those who don't know what this blog is about.

    By: Diabetic_Iz_Me: Dec, 06, 2009 00:28 AM
    19566- TuDiabetes.com encourages PWD's (people with diabetes) to make art out of their old insulin pump cartridges, strips and syringes.

    By: 19556: Dec, 03, 2009 23:14 PM

    On the syringes, if you can cut off the needles with no problem, can't you recycle them - most cities/towns have plastic recycling programs.   Mailing them to someone (curious- what does TuDiabetes do with them anyway?) seems like a lot of extra work with no upside - just my opinion...

    By: : Nov, 30, 2009 21:41 PM
    I agree with FatCatAnna. You can either put the used syringes in a sharps container or you can donate them to Tudiabetes.com. FatCatAnna mentioned Insulet having a disposal program, there's one in place but it's only for the pods. Becareful with tossing them in the garbage; you don't want to get a fine.

    By: FatCatAnna: Nov, 16, 2009 20:20 PM

    I'm like you - when I used syringes - would put the sharps in the container - but rest of syringe - bing - into the bin.  When I progressed to using pen needles - then it was less waste with just putting the pen needle bit into the sharps container.  Can you fill up your Omnipod with a pen needle - or do you have to use a syringe to fill up the reservoir?

    I had opened up a discussion earlier in the year in the forums area - about what to do with the tubing from my pump. Offboard I've been told people use it for tying up their tomato plants, etc.  I'm saving all  my tubing to weave something (I know - sounds dorky - but CBC Radio is anxiously awaiting for the results - as I talk about diabetes from time to time on the Radio noon show here in Montreal).  At least I can recycle some plastic bits of my Inset IIinfusion set as they are a number 5.

    If you are artzy fartzy like I am - what about making some piece of artwork with the plastic syringes?  Amaze your neighbours with your artwork in your garden!!!!  Jazzsushi aka Salvador Dali - the hip artist in town (fill in blanks here - not sure where you live).  If you check out Tudiabetes.com - they have a section for Diabetes Supplies Art that might give you some incentives to be creative.  Also, my friend Mark-John Clifford from Global Diabetic Awareness - has a video that might entice you and others to become artistic with your needle bits 'n bobs - Recycling for Diabetes!

    Curious, I think I read that Omnipod takes back the used pods to recycle or ???


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