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Omnipod Insulin Management System

Insulet updates their PDM interface

Omnipod Insulin Management System

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Insulet updates their PDM interface - Sep 18
  This is the updated PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) - the blue device.  It is called theOmnipod and it is made by a company based in Bedford, Ma (Insulet Corporation). ...
Posted: Sep 18, 2009 10:25
  • Insulet updates their PDM interface


    This is the updated PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) - the blue device.  It is called theOmnipod and it is made by a company based in Bedford, Ma (Insulet Corporation).  The small grayish device is the "pod" (the device that contains insulin and is attached to one's body).  Great thing about this is that you have everything in one (Glucometer + Insulin Pump).  Less stuff to carry around! The update happened in July. Current users to Omnipod can get the update for roughly $149 (till the end of September maybe?) , then the list price kicks in.

    Omnipod Insulin Pump System

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  • By: : Sep, 18, 2009 11:28 AM

    Hi RunnersHigh,

    What is new is that the previous one had just a colorless screen and the buttons were a bit clunky and in my opinion "too flat".  The new ones are raised.  The interface (really screen) is graphically-enhanced making reading it a lot easier particularly in low-light situations.  It is a lot better.

    No, Omnipod just happens to be the only company that uses "tubeless" insulin delivery and incidentally, just  updated the PDM so that it is now blue (instead of its former boring gray) and has a clearer digital screen.  All other insulin pumps seem to have a tube coming out of the pump going into your skin. The Omnipod system has no tubes!   Inside this little pod is a computer chip, sensor, and reservoir of insulin.  All the controls lie in that blue "PDM" which tests your blood sugar, does corrections calculations, stores data for you and sends wireless  instructions to the pod when you need insulin.  Pretty great huh?  I wish it were smaller, the PDM as you have to carry it around wherever you go and the little black carry wallet needs a belt-clip.  I have made suggestions to the company because "hands free" is always better.    But get this....this PDM is a "glucometer + insulin pump" all-in-one.  There is no additional glucometer to carry around. So hoorary Insulet for making our lives less cumbersome!

    I believe Omnipod coined that  term (Personal Diabetes Manager).  There are other companies, like Medtronic's Minimed _which is still stuck in the "dark ages" with its pump's dark gray screen  (I used this for a year and would not go back).    I'm sold on Omnipod.

    By: RunnersHigh: Sep, 18, 2009 10:30 AM

    Hi Jazzsushi, Thank you for the information. But what is new about this PDM interface? You only posted a picture. Is it better now? Is Ominpod the only manufacturer who has a PDM interface?


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