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Getting it done

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Getting it done
By: ekc

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About me - Feb 21
I am not your typical diabetic. I was diagnosed as a teenager even though I was athletic and as far as I knew, healthy. I'm now 30, still feeling healthy, still athletic ...
Posted: Feb 21, 2008 11:28
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  • About me

    I am not your typical diabetic.

    I was diagnosed as a teenager even though I was athletic and as far as I knew, healthy. I'm now 30, still feeling healthy, still athletic but am a diabetic. For me, diabetes is something I have to live with but I don't let it control my life. By eating right and exercising I'm able to have good control and only the people who are very close to me even know I have the condition.

    I'm really interested in learning as much as I can about diabetes in order to stay one step ahead of the disease.

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  • By: gkelly: Sep, 01, 2009 09:50 AM

    Great to hear that.  Me too.  I am 45 have had Type I for 33 years.  I too feel healthy, exercise daily, watch what I eat.  Important to not obsess about blood sugars or this condition at all.  If you want to get the best up-to-date "primer" on diabetes management, try the DOIT program at the Joslin Clinic in Boston, Ma.  Diabetes Outpatient Intensive Treatment.  It last for 3 days and they teach you about management, diet, latest research, and latest treatment protocols for staying as healthy as possible.

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