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Gene controls Obesity

Gene controls obesity

Gene controls Obesity
By: msk

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Gene controls obesity - Sep 18
Recently, while browsing Internet, I found an interesting invention. Researchers have discovered a gene that helps to control obesity in mice. Deleting the gene (called ...
Posted: Sep 18, 2009 10:22
  • Gene controls obesity

    Recently, while browsing Internet, I found an interesting invention. Researchers have discovered a gene that helps to control obesity in mice. Deleting the gene (called IKKE) also appears to protect mice against conditions that, in humans, lead to Type 2 diabetes, which is associated with obesity.

    If follow-up studies show that IKKE is tied to obesity in humans, the gene and the protein it makes will be prime targets for the development of drugs to treat obesity, diabetes and complications associated with those disorders, said Alan Saltiel, the Mary Sue Coleman Director of the University of Michigan Life Sciences Institute.

    Does it sounds promising? And it will help to prevent diabetes and weight gain? or its just one more promising invention that will lead to nowhere?

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  • By: 19556: Oct, 16, 2009 18:36 PM

    Interesting!  Along this line, there is temporary implant technology called "EndoBarrier" being developed by a company called GI Dynamics to shield the upper part of the small intestine.   They find that "Physicians believe this barrier may alter the activation of hormonal signals that originate in the intestine."  See: http://www.gidynamics.com/how-endobarrier-works .

    Are those same hormones in the small intestine blocked by the "EndoBarrier" controlled by the IKKE gene?   Does anyone know?

    By: FatCatAnna: Sep, 29, 2009 01:10 AM

    Anything is promising in the medical world!  Especially if it can help reduce the effects of obesity and causing Type 2 diabetes or other health problems. 

    One article I was reading is that the Adipose gene (or IKKE) was discovered in fat fruit flies 50 years but they didn't know of  the corrolation until now.  That in mice the gene could be turned up or down, not just on or off (sound like a TV remote control).   Supposably the gene acts as a switch to tell the body whether to accumlate fat or burn it instead.  There was no mention though of deleting the gene, just of manipulating it in the experiments that were performed on the mice.

    Lean Mouse/Fat MouseWhen mice had increased adipose activity, they ate as much or more then normal mice.  Except, they were leaner, along with diabetes-resistant fat cells.  With that in mind, they were better able to contol insulin and BG metabolism. Gotta like that!

    On the other hand, when they had reduced adipose activity the mice were fatter, less healthy, and had diabetes.

    So, until they've got it all figured out (it's not going to be for awhile I suspect), we'll continue to try to eat healthier, exercise instead of blaming our weight gain on it being all the fault of our genes, and not what we eat!

    By: RunnersHigh: Sep, 18, 2009 17:01 PM

    That is indeed very promising. I hope they will develop something which will be applicable for everybody, every person who is obese. Not only people with diabetes. In particular, because then it might help with diabetes prevention.


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