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Good biotech purchase or bad?

Doris' Blog
By: dorisjdickson

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Posted: Jul 1, 2009 10:02
  • Good biotech purchase or bad?

    Genentech Buys $350 Million Stake in Drug Designed to Stop Autoimmune Attacks in Type 1s

    Since Roche bought Genentech earlier this year and Roche is a 30-year “pioneer” of glucose testing equipment, how is a type 1 diabetic supposed to think this is a good thing?

    Let’s be real.  Roche (or any other legacy glucose testing equipment manufacturer) have made no changes to the accuracy of glucose testing equipment since originally going to market in the 80’s.  The effort at improving product (accuracy) quality has only been made by outsiders/newcomers.  New doohickies such as colorful minis do not count by the way.

    So, with all that profit from glucose testing equipment (test strips cost just a few cents a piece to make) and little R&D money being spent on anything other than new doohickies, why exactly would Roche by Genentech and why would they want to cure a very lucrative type 1 diabetes?  In general, I’m not a cynical person but since they have not improved glucose testing accuracy, why wouldn’t I believe they are simply buying this biotech and potential cures as a way to STOP a cure and keep profits in their pockets?  A cure is simply not good for one of their core businesses so why would I think otherwise?  By all means Roche, give me a financial reason to think I’m wrong.   Give me some altruistic reason to think you really want to find a cure and put yourself out of the glucose testing market.

    On the other hand … I would really love to see this product work since shutting off the immune system from killing beta cells is necessary before restarting/implanting new beta cells to cure any type 1’s. 

    Doris J. Dickson


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