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Enough of the Snow Already

Doris' Blog
By: dorisjdickson

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Posted: Jan 27, 2009 20:15
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  • Enough of the Snow Already

    Ok, here is the deal.  I used to love snow.  I loved to play in it, shovel it and was not even intimidated driving in it.  What happened?  Did I turn into a pansy or something?


    I cannot stand it anymore.  My body cannot stand it any more.  My blood sugar cannot stand it anymore and I cannot stomach the thought of driving in it anymore even though I have a four-wheel drive vehicle.


    My biggest problems are my neck, shoulder, blood sugar and increased heart rate.  With a herniated disc and a frozen shoulder, the discomfort is a bit much. 


    Since I am not a allowed to ski anymore (let’s be real it would be stupid with my neck), there is absolutely no fun in it – no light at the end of the shoveling tunnel.\


    Most of the time my blood sugar goes up not down.  It is actually easier to do if I fast and do not try the balancing act of food, insulin and shoveling.  I can deal with a 30 or 40-point increase.  The last time I decided to eat and had a 100-point increase followed by a very, very rapid 100-point drop.  That is just plain exhausting.


    I assume this is because my heart rate and adrenalin take off.  I can only shovel in small increments before I have breathing problems – 15 or 20 minutes - which makes me feel like a total baby.  (For those who are wondering, I have checked.  There is nothing wrong with me and I do not smoke or drink and I am not overweight.)  Once I rest, I have to convince myself to do it again.  Then the cycle starts all over again.  It took three attempts to get the job done the last snowstorm.  I was an extremely unpleasant person the rest of the day.  I was very uncomfortable and very frustrated at the whole cycle of events.


    And so, I hear it is going to snow again tomorrow and then quickly be followed by rain and ice.  Therefore, I will not even be able to wait until it stops to clean the mess up.  The dread has started already. 


    The solution, I have been told, is to find a rich man … anybody know one?  Either that or spring better just hurry up ‘cause I have had just about enough of New England weather for a while.


    Doris J. Dickson

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  • By: FatCatAnna: Jan, 27, 2009 11:12 AM

    LOL on your post.  Not sure about the rich man bit - but if we all pitch in some $$$'s - let's buy an island in warmer climate - and live in a commune (I can take care of the food / sewing / woodwork / sheet metal jobs).

    Seriously though, give me another month of this white fluffy snow (and occassional few days of -25F temps) - and then I'll be feeling the same way as you do Doris!  Remember, up north here - we tend to get a wee bit more of that white fluffy stuff (I have the tune "It's Beginnning To Look Alot Like Christmas" going thru' my head - baaa humbug!).  The snow tends to have melted by about mid-May as well.  BTW, how mundance is moving snow from one place to another? I have a 75 foot long driveway - mostly done by me due to not working full time like my main squeeze does.  I also put my insulin pump in a holding pattern - otherwise I go down swiftly to the looney bin zone.  Before on MDI - I couldn't do this - so would be popping Dex4 tablets like they were a dime a dozen (thank goodness for Costco in Burlington, VT - they are affordable even with the exchange rate).

    When it comes to driving tho' - well - today - I'm not going anywhere with the visibility factor - and ding dongs that drive like they think it's a "normal" day.  Despite the law here in Quebec - where you now must have snow tires since Dec 2008 - yes - they do help (especially in my Smart) - but the ding dongs that think they can take off like their in a drag race - rear ends of car going this way and that - duuhhh is all I can say.   

    Luckily I have a pantry full of food (I actually finally unpacked the food that I had stored on the Fat Cat - it was about time - since the cats were sniffing out the few tins of tuna in the box).

    Off to make some bread - and start going thru' my various fabric boxes to make up a nice summery frock!

    Anna from the cold white North about to sip on her cafe spiked with a bit of Baileys :)


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