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iPhone use in Insulin-dependent Diabetes - 1 million in 2009


Comments from Chris M. of the Body1 Team.    

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iPhone use in Insulin-dependent Diabetes - 1 million in 2009 - Jul 30
  How might smart phones (also known as handheld computation devices) such as the iPhone change diabetes care?   Many folks know that when Apple previewed their new iPhone ...
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Posted: Jul 30, 2009 12:08
  • iPhone use in Insulin-dependent Diabetes - 1 million in 2009


    How might smart phones (also known as handheld computation devices) such as the iPhone change diabetes care?   Many folks know that when Apple previewed their new iPhone 3.0 OS that they also showed a number of potential medical applications.  One showed a blood pressure cuff with readings being exported and displayed (and presumably saved) on the iPhone.   Another showed a blood glucose meter (BGM) beaming readings to an iPhone.  (for more with pictures see this coverage of Apple OS 3.0).

    It is important to note that both of these demonstrations were just that- demonstrations- they showed capabilities and potential rather than "available now" features.   However, there are a number of applications available now for use by folks with diabetes.   Most are stand-alone like calorie counters, glucose logs, carb counters- they are iPhone 1.0 applications and don't use the full functionality of the iPhone such as geo-positioning, auto-call, online sourcing, etc.    But newer, more integrated applications for people to more fully manage their diabetes are emerging.

    But this is only significant to a small subset of people with diabetes, right?   Well, yes and no.   About 6% of people with diagnosed diabetes in the US have iPhones .   That's a small %, but in absolute numbers, it's about 1Million people!  

    Here's a bit of market analysis- comments and couterpoints are welcomed!   Click on the image below for the full 7 page market analysis 



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  • By: : Aug, 17, 2009 18:15 PM

    The Technology is useful.  I am a living example of it.  I am all for the use of smartphones.  As an iphone user myself, of course I am biased. However, when it comes to being able to collect data (and then email it, print it out), Glucose buddy (one of the glucose monitoring apps) has it.    I really believe that the benefit of this app for the iphone is that it makes recording of  blood sugars visually appealing and moreover, understandable.  Many of the problems with lots of these programs are not so much in their ability to "pool data", but really in their ability to present it in a way so as to interpret it meaningfully.  Clearer graphs that are aesthetically more attractive as well.

    By: FatCatAnna: Jul, 30, 2009 15:11 PM

    I have to admit Chris - that I'm not a big mobile phone user - so I know for myself that this type of technology might not work for me being an old timer.  For new folks tho' with diabetes - it probably will be a very helpful tool in taking control of their health!

    Now, if I could have a personal trainer that would show me all the advantages (preferably a tall, dark and handsome dude) - then maybe I'd be sold on one over time!  I think you can train an old dog new tricks can't you?  I mean I have mastered my insulin pump quickly and that was done mainly on my own.

    By: : Jul, 30, 2009 14:26 PM

    As precaution and constant observation are very important in a disease like diabetes, such a technological improvisation can be very beneficial for the society at large. The increasing use of mobile phones has always been seen as harmful to the people but may be, by only this way, they would be able to serve the society in a more medically helpful form. If the introduction of the technology is usable then it would really help in making monitoring hassle free and convenient. 

    market size (2) diabetic (1) Insulin-dependent diabetes (1) iPhone (1)

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