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What Pharma Companies should Know about People with Diabetes


Comments from Chris M. of the Body1 Team.    

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What Pharma Companies should Know about People with Diabetes - Jul 03
This is my first official blog entry and it is a "shout out" to two great bloggers in the diabetes condition community- Manny Hernandez of TuDiabetes and Kerri Morrone Sparling ...
Posted: Jul 3, 2009 23:59
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  • What Pharma Companies should Know about People with Diabetes

    This is my first official blog entry and it is a "shout out" to two great bloggers in the diabetes condition community- Manny Hernandez of TuDiabetes and Kerri Morrone Sparling of Six Until Me. Exactly a week ago I was lucky enough to be a joint speaker with them at a conference on "Bio/Pharmaceutical Emerging Media Optimization for Consumer-Focused Marketing" ("#Pharmedia" on Twitter) in Philadelphia.

    Kerri & Manny gave a joint presentation just before mine. It was so good that I forgot to have the jitters about my upcoming talk and focused on what they had to say. They gave 3 pieces of excellent advice based on their personal experience with T1 Diabetes to the medical and pharmaceutical marketers who were there-

    1. We are People First

    2. Trust is Key

    3. Embrace Adverse Data

    On point 1- "People First", Kerri said something really powerful - "For the 7 or so minutes that the doctor is examining me in her office, I am a 'patient'. The rest of the time, I am a 'person'."

    On point 2- "Trust is Key". Manny and Kerri reminded everyone that despite the rise of online media, people still want to put a face with a name, and that trust since it is "organic" takes time to establish.

    On point 3 - "Embrace Adverse Data"- Manny told the marketers present that adverse data will be discussed regardless, and that the pharmaceutical/ medical industry would serve itself better by a candid engagement in the discussion. (In other words, intelligent members of the consumer/patient community can make measured, rational decisions on their own about therapy risk-benefit).

    Great points- and fantastic slides, too (one was a single bullet point superimposed over a herd of enormous elephants in a rear view mirror). After their talks Manny and Kerri were kind enough to share their thoughts on camera with me about important issues for the whole community of those with diabetes. So, more, coming shortly.

    Manny's blog is: TuDiabetes and Kerri's blog is: Six Until Me.


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  • By: FatCatAnna: Jul, 06, 2009 15:04 PM

    Chris - firstly, welcome to the world of blogging!  You are so lucky to have met Manny and Kerri.  I've been following them both for many years - and this is what inspired me to write about my life with diabetes here at Diabetes1 - and help others coping with it. 

    I implore those of you reading this to go and check out Kerri's blog - which makes me laugh sometimes - especially when I'm dealing with problems of my own - she makes you feel less alone out there.  Manny, well - can't express how Tudiabetes has helped me meet other people with diabetes all around this big blue marble.  Along with Diabetes1 - it's what keeps me on my toes as to what is happening around me.

    Great points that you have shared with us as well from Philly.  Can't wait to read more from you!


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