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A Salute to the Coolest PWD I've Never Met- the Desert Dingo Racing Team


Comments from Chris M. of the Body1 Team.    

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Posted: Nov 17, 2009 18:20
  • A Salute to the Coolest PWD I've Never Met- the Desert Dingo Racing Team

    Inside my straight-laced New England Ivy League-type persona lurks an appreciation for those who push the envelope with their creativity.    So far, no one in the diabetes world IMHO, has topped the Desert Dingo Racing Team: http://www.diabetes1.org/desertdingo.cfm ; (sorry, Nick J..).

    First, what a cool name!    It's macho without being aggressive, evocative without being trite.   It implies perseverance.   And from what I can tell, those characteristics really seems to represent the Desert Dingo racing team.    Several of them have diabetes, and have worked hard to "keep on truckin" themselves.    Yet that hasn't stopped them from turning their passion for custom built cars and off the road racing into a novel fund-raising vehicle for diabetes research.   

     I've really enjoyed following their preparations for the Baha 1000 on their blog: http://www.desertdingo.com/blog/ .   Kind of like "Monster Trucks" with a purpose!    You'll see that they're also really handy with tools which I also admire as a mechanically inept computer geek.     Oh, and Special thanks to FatCatAnna: http://www.diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog, an "uber cool" PWD herself, for introducing us.

    So, if you can, support some of the coolest PWD around- the Desert Dingo Racing Team.   Record your 12 sec. PSA: http://www.diabetes1.org/desertdingo.cfm , follow their exploits, and consult a professional before you pick a welding torch or steering wheel and try to imitate them!

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  • By: FatCatAnna: Nov, 20, 2009 12:08 PM


    Now you can understand why some of us our excited about this race which has been going on for 42 years! It's a one of a kind race.  If I lived closer, I'd be either standing by the side lines, sucking up the gas fumes/sand dust (my teeth would be whiter right?), and just enjoying every second of it.

    I had tried to see if I could attend, as Jim and Richard who I meet at the IDF Diabetes World Congress back in October (http://www.diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog/2009/10/19 ) had invited me to attend, and take a whirl in "Herbie" or as it's better known during the Baja 1000 -  1104.  To experience going thru' 4 -6 feet of dessert sand would be a thrill of a lifetime.  I'd even be tempted to do the course (672.85 miles in length) on my BMW 650GS!  Alas, it isn't happening - couldn't find a crate big enough for the bike and myself - but hopefully one day, saving up the pennies in my piggy bank, I'll be able to join in on the fun!

    The race is starting in a few hours - 11h00 - so if you want up to date coverage - this is the place to go to - and live the dream of a stock car race team driver - http://www.desertdingo.com/blog/

    Don't forget, to record your message about diabetes at http://12seconds.tv/rooms/worlddiabetesday!  It's a challenge to get your point across in 12 seconds - but give it a go I did (notice my flashing horns? )!

    Shucks, I'm blushing here with the the "uber cool" PWD comment that Chris has made above.  Glad I introduced Desert Dingo to you.  I'll get your New England Ivy League buttocks on the back seat of my motorcycle one day and take you for a spin.

    By: spark: Nov, 19, 2009 17:22 PM

    so after reading your post, I did some googling to better understand the significance of the race.. The picture of that adorable bug has definitely skewed with what I had originally imagined this race to be like..

    Based on what I read on wikipedia (i agree it's not the most reliable source, but I've found that it provides a rather accurate understanding of an event/object/person/what-have-you), the Baja 1000 race has a history of sabotage and booby-traps!  I had assumed that the appeal of Baja 1000 would only be clear to avid racing fans, but not only does this race encourage the excitement that comes with off-road racing, but its rough history adds just a little bit of danger to the mix. Now, more so than ever, I wish I had the means of witnessing this great event..

    The picture of the Desert Dingo Team's VW Bug had reminded me of (sad to say) Herbie (from the Disney movie "Herbie: Fully Loaded", which coincidentally enough is a movie about a racing bug), which is why I had assumed the Baja 1000 was like any other race - purely about speed - but it turns out that it's about so much more.  I'm enjoying the parallel I see here between the Baja 1000 race and the Desert Dingo team's cause.. Shrek put it rather accurately I think... Like an Ogre, both the Baja 1000 and the team have layers.. like onions.


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