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Being Pro-active vs. Re-active

Grilled Pork Chop, 1/2 Sweet Potato & Spring Mix Salad!

Being Pro-active vs. Re-active
By: Aimeylux

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Posted: Apr 13, 2009 23:05
  • Grilled Pork Chop, 1/2 Sweet Potato & Spring Mix Salad!

    After a nice long day at work, then a great 30 min cardio workout at the gym... dinner tonight was fantastic!

    Thanks to me. :)

    Grilled Pork Chop, 1/2 Sweet Potato & Spring Mix Salad!

    First I trimmed all of the fat from my pork chop, then lightly sprinkled with sea salt & fresh ground pepper. Heated my stovetop griller pan to medium heat, sprayed with non-stick, then grilled the pork chop for about 10 minutes on each side.

    Meanwhile, I rinsed that sweet potato, jabbed it with a fork/knive a few times, wrapped it in a damp paper towel and microwaved for 5 minutes.

    Salad - Grabbed a handful of fresh spring mix baby greens, sliced some cucumber & green bell pepper along with a fresh mini avocado (I LOOOOVE avocado!).. sprinkled it all on top of the spring mix and topped it with some unsalted sunflower seeds & all-natural Sisters Calamata Feta Sass dressing... and YUM!

    An awesome healthy home-cooked dinner in under 30 minutes.

    (And YES, I took my Lantus and Novolog BEFORE eating! And now, 2 hours later after eating my blood sugar is awesome at 118!)

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  • By: Aimeylux: Apr, 19, 2009 18:34 PM

    Hey Supermom! I've been on Lantus for years and years... it was never quite sufficient enough on it's own tho, so my doctors have always recommended that I take a fast-acting insulin as well whenever I eat, hence the Novolog. I've tried almost all of the fast-acting insulins, from Humulin-R, Humolog.. and others.. and Novolog seems to work best for me because it's really fast! The Lantus does an overall "OK" job of keeping things in balance.. but I still have to take it twice a day (20 units in the morning, and 20 before dinner) to stay well balanced. Exercising helps a LOT tho! When I workout and do 30-60 min cardio sessions, I hardly have any blood sugar spikes at all! Even when I eat something like a sweet potato. It's great. I'm trying really hard to do cardio workouts 5-6 days a week.

    By: dorisjdickson: Apr, 15, 2009 19:03 PM

    Another way I cook my sweet potatoe (and surprisingly loved by all) which also makes it easy to weigh and therefore, much easier to carb count is:

    Peel the potato and dice into ~1" cubes.  Put the potato in an aluminum foil or baking pan.  Put a tablespoon (or two depending on potato quantity) of butter on the top (margarine does not work; there is too much water). 

    Sprinkle a ton of cinnamon on the potatos.  Cover with aluminum foil.  Bake or grill at about 400-425 degrees for about 30 minutes.  Depends on your oven or grill.  If you're grilling a steak, start the potatos first.  The timing usually works better.

    When they are soft and the cinnamon has made your house smell luscious, they are ready to eat. 

    Sweet potatoes digest more slowly than white potatoes.  They also have a ton of fiber.  However, they are still going to digest rapidly especially if eaten without a good portion of protein (3-5 ounces).  So, test frequently to figure out the timing of your insulin.  I find Apidra too fast for this potato - humalog works better.

    If you don't take insulin, this food may or may not work.  It might digest too fast for your meds or remaining insulin production.  However, if you're like to walk, doing so after eating might help. 

    By: FatCatAnna: Apr, 15, 2009 12:46 PM

    Hey SuperMom - I eat a few vegatarian meals a week - just for a change of pace.  Tend to be a bit high in carbs - but you just have a smaller portion of food then what is recommended in the recipe (why do they give such large portions?). 

    By: supermom912: Apr, 15, 2009 10:56 AM

    Finally, the first recipe! Sounds yummy - thanks. I have been waiting for new ideas what to cook. Do you have any information on calories, fat, cholesterol, carbs, and protein?

    Moreover, how do satiefied are you with Lantus and Novolog? Should people consider taking both?

    Also, has anybody tried vegetarian recipes for people with diabetes?

    Much obliged!


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