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Anna's Blog

Good bye neighbourhood pharmacy - hello Costco!

Anna's Blog
By: FatCatAnna

The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes! Whoo! Whoo!

I am a Type 1 diabetic diagnosed back in the early 60's as a child.  I am living in Montreal, Canada and enjoy scribbling about diabetes from time to time. I’ve had my ups / downs just like any person would experience with going through life - diabetic or not.  My motto in life?  Diabetes does not control me – I control it!! 

You can find more posts/discussions at my Facebook page called "The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes" and also on Twitter under the name of FatCatAnna.  Feel free to follow me at both places or send me a private message!

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Posted: Aug 23, 2011 15:32
  • Good bye neighbourhood pharmacy - hello Costco!
    Well, I just noticed I haven't written in awhile. It's difficult in the summer time (which is a short season here in Canada) to want to sit inside and stare at a screen.  Between sailing on Jenna's Journey and testing out our new wheels on our '97 Boxster that we bought as a mutual birthday / anniversary pressie - we've been having fun!!!  Reason for the car purchase?  We originally wanted to buy a bigger motorcycle, but after a few deaths this year of close friends on their motorcycles, we decided to not get a bigger bike and lucked in on this car. It was actually cheaper then purchasing a used motorcycle.  So, come next month - look out for us along the eastern coast of the USA as we head to Rhode Island for the Newport boat show.

    Now, onto what I really want to write about.

    The past few years, my pharmacy that I've dealt with for 22 years has been goofing around with my prescriptions.  Mainly losing my renewal prescriptions from my doctors who are difficult to see at times.  I actually thought I was doing a good thing in getting duplicates from the two doctors I see - but now understand that here in Quebec - that when a new prescription renewal is handed to the pharmacist - it cancels out any previous repeats from another doctor.  News to me - but scary - when I'd go to request my diabetes supplies and am told ... "you have no renewals - you have to see your doctor to obtain more insulin / blood strips / etc.".  I actually had to go to Ontario one time in order to purchase insulin without a prescription!  Luckily it's only an hours drive from where I live in Quebec - but still - to go that route too often could become abit tiresome (and expensive with cost of fuel).

    So, a few weeks ago, I called up to reorder some prescriptions.  I walked over to the drug store (I will miss this bit) - and was told - "we have everything available - except your Novorapid!"  I was having to do a cartridge refill on my pump that night and needed that insulin (I do have backup pen refills - but those are for emergency use only or when I go on a pump break).  They told me they'd have it the next day except that didn't sit well with me. 

    I went outside for a few minutes - calmed down - then went back in asking if they had my files all in order as I was going to remove all my business from them to Costco - where I could purchase my insulin and other supplies for almost 1/3 of what I paid at this pharmacy (thanks to Nel Peach for informing me to shop around).  They told me that there would be no problem and didn't even try to win me back.

    So, I'm now with the big store of Costco - which I really wish I didn't have to be with mainly as I now have to drive to pick up my supplies - but the cost is lower which is a good thing. They've also  explained things to me that make sense and it's all in English which is even better.  Apparently the files that were sent to them are abit strange in some of the prescription info.  So for now they'll honour my word as to what I use and requested I have my GP who I luckily see next week write out a prescription for all the drugs I use for my diabetes!  The other pharmacy would have never done this - but put all the blame on me - which I really annoyed me to no end.

    Even better, a BP pill I take the Costco pharmacist said they could sell me a generic brand at 1/2 the price!  I was abit hesitant about this, but they promised me it would do the same thing.  This was never offered to me at the other pharmacy, to save money!

    So, now looking ahead to retirement when I no longer have company benefits and may have to pay for my medications myself if the government plan doesn't cover all of what I use, I feel abit more at ease.  It's something I've always had to think about since starting to work fulltime at 19 - the cost of maintaining my health when I am no longer work.  How many young adults think of this at that age?  I did.  I've been very lucky that my Dad brought me up to put away money for my retirement even when I didn't have much, I found a way.  Hopefully between my government / company pensions that I will receive - along with my savings - I should do alright if I continue with up front establishments like what I am now going to.

    Best wishes to PROXIM Maire-Jolimise Gourdet Pharmacy - you will no longer be seeing me as a faithful client ever again!
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  • By: AmariT: Aug, 29, 2011 13:17 PM
    I think summer is too short everywhere that has a winter. Or, if I may reword that, I hate winter.

    Co-pays make sense to me, but I suppose that's because I grew up with them. And I'm fairly certain that they're the same no matter where you get yoru prescriptions, which is a nice bonus.

    It is always a little sad to me whenever we take our business away from the locals and give it to the chains, but at the same time, maybe the locals should try a little harder to keep our business. If you're going to be more expensive than the chain, then you absolutely need to have better service. You can't expect people to keep paying more at your place unless you offer additional benefits beyond just being the local store.

    I'm glad Costco is working out for you. I've only been to one Costco, which was in New York City, and I did not like it very much.

    By: FatCatAnna: Aug, 26, 2011 20:52 PM
    Hi AussieLass - great to hear from someone from "Down Under" (hope that doesn't offend you! Have family in Australia). 

    We have similar plan as you do in Canada for those of us who don't have medical insurance from our work places - so I think perhaps the pharmacist would go the same route with generic form of meds.  I think what happens - is that the pharmacist sees us folks with medical insurance from work as cash cows - and figures they'll just sell us whatever they want at the price they want. 

    As I said above in my post, it was Nel Peach from British Columbia here in Canada - who is on a pension - that told me that pharmacy's sell drugs for different prices.  I was that gullible that I didn't know that before that time. My insulin - NovoRapid that I use now costs $28 CDN compared to $38 CDN that the other pharamcy was charging me.  I know many Americans with the system they use (which I find really confusing - since I'm used to Canadian / British system - much like yours in Australia) it's really confusing with co-pays, etc.  When I ask some of them what they pay for their drugs - they don't know - they just know the co-pay that they put out.  That's kind of scary.  i think both insurance companies / pharmaceutical companies are just out to make money on us at times - and don't care about some of us who perhaps have problems trying to put food on the table - let alone pay for our meds!  I mean we didn't chose to get diabetes - it picked us.

    By: : Aug, 26, 2011 18:42 PM
    wow, i cannot believe your pharmacy's dont ask if you want the cheaper version or generic version of your meds. Here in aus, thats exactly what EVERY pharmacy asks you as soon as you hand over your script, because the goverment subsidises generic meds, they make money from you buying them however they also do exactly the same job as the full version of whatever it is youre getting. The only thng they dont ask for generic on is insulin as that isnt available, for obvious reasons, but i still only pay the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) price ($5.60 per script presented) due to being on a pension card, the govt's way of helping out Low Income Families/Singles

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