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Anna's Blog

Taking a break from my pump

Anna's Blog
By: FatCatAnna

The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes! Whoo! Whoo!

I am a Type 1 diabetic diagnosed back in the early 60's as a child.  I am living in Montreal, Canada and enjoy scribbling about diabetes from time to time. I’ve had my ups / downs just like any person would experience with going through life - diabetic or not.  My motto in life?  Diabetes does not control me – I control it!! 

You can find more posts/discussions at my Facebook page called "The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes" and also on Twitter under the name of FatCatAnna.  Feel free to follow me at both places or send me a private message!

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Posted: Apr 11, 2010 11:58
  • Taking a break from my pump
    This is a short blog - as I'm pretty well freaking out at what is happening.  Again, have a feeling due to stress of work lately that this is one of the causes for what is happening.
    I am presently disconnected from Salvador Dali (my Animas 2020 pump) - as I've been fighting BG's in 8-10 mmol/l / 144-180 mg/dl range for the past week - can't bring them down. Went to bed last night with 22 mmol/l / 400 mg/dl - haven't had this since I ate 16 slices of chocolate cake (only kidding - only had 1 chocolate chip muffin the other day for a birthday treat).  Darn, I never stop making fun of this diabetes we suffer from can I?  My way of handling this disease I expect, but probably not alone in how we cope with crazy periods like this. 
    Anyway, I decided to pull the plug (pump) at this point in time. No air bubbles in tubing, did a test to see if insulin coming through tubing, fine.  I injected my basal insulin (Lantus) and correction insulin (NovoRapid).  Had a glass of water (hello - blood sugars are high). 

    This morning, 8 hours later, 16 mmol/l / 295 mg/dl. WTF???  BG correction with Novolin R- 4 units!!!  Another basal shot (oops - forgot to write that down - used to insulin pump keeping all that information for me - must be more diligent with writing down what I'm doing here).  

    So I'm abit worried, will be calling up endo tomorrow to ask for help, as I'm not sure what to do.  Could be changes in life as well effecting how my insulin is working besides stress?  Maybe I have become insulin resistant over my 43 years of having diabetes?  Maybe I have  ..... ??? Too many questions, and yes I am scared here.

    Wish me luck!  Any suggestion of what my next step could be - other then ER (hate HATE doctors) - I'm all ears!


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  • By: FatCatAnna: Apr, 11, 2010 18:20 PM

    Well, I have been disconnected from pump since the blood sugar late last night.  It's been Lantus and NovoRapid since, tho' found out from another PWD, that Lantus doesn't always take effect right away. So, I maybe in for some lows eventually.

    I did call up Animas an hour ago to explain the situation, and wanted assurance that when I pull battery out of pump I won't lose all my settings.  Luckily, Salvador is like a PC, shut it down, it retains what is in it's memory. That's a relief. I had to take out the battery, as the pump of course has run out of insulin (I was going to do an infusion change today actually).  So, rather then have Salvador screaming away <> I felt it best to remove the battery - but just needed confirmation from Tech Support at Animas.

    I'm going to try to see Endo tomorrow (my Mum said to just drive to his office instead of calling), not sure what help he will be as he's not a pump expert (hard to find an endo that is - even the Animas tech said that to me for those of you in the States).  One friend has said that I should ask him to have my blood count done.  That diabetes may not be the cause of all my woes with my BG's being high.  I do know, as my parents had called up, one of my problems is with a volunteer job I took on, which has blossomed into a one-person show with resignation of President. I'm Vice President, guess who takes over in the interim?

    I'm telling you, since we both frequent Twitter, the PWD group there is so amazing, with all the responses I received from "WTF do I do???".  Amazing how small the world is when a social community like that can bring you all so close together in our fight for remaining healthy / sane with this disease.

    By: Diabetic_Iz_Me: Apr, 11, 2010 16:31 PM

    I am so sorry you are having problems with your bg's.  I am glad you haven't disconnected from your pump.  I wish I had advice to offer for you but I don't because usually when I am high it's because of something I ate.  I usually try to walk it off or bolus to bring it back down.  Sending you hugs and lowering vibes.  I hope your Endo can help explain what's going on with bg's.

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