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Ontario doctors urge fast-food chains, schools to list calories

Anna's Blog
By: FatCatAnna

The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes! Whoo! Whoo!

I am a Type 1 diabetic diagnosed back in the early 60's as a child.  I am living in Montreal, Canada and enjoy scribbling about diabetes from time to time. I’ve had my ups / downs just like any person would experience with going through life - diabetic or not.  My motto in life?  Diabetes does not control me – I control it!! 

You can find more posts/discussions at my Facebook page called "The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes" and also on Twitter under the name of FatCatAnna.  Feel free to follow me at both places or send me a private message!

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Posted: Apr 8, 2009 23:40
  • Ontario doctors urge fast-food chains, schools to list calories

    A group of doctors in Ontario are urging the provincial government to enact legislation to require calories to be listed next to the price of items on menus and menu boards at large chain restaurants / school cafeterias across Ontario.  Along with the food values, they would like to see an education campaign to inform people about the impact of calorie intake on weight gain and obesity - which in the long run can lead to health complications, such as diabetes to name just a few.

      In NYC, restaurant chains with more then 15 chains nationally are required by law to list calories on menu boards and menus.  In California a similar law has been passed and a bill before the U.S. Congress would make calorie content mandatory across the country.

      I know today when I was waiting for my Smart to have its winter tires taken off - I got chatting with a few of the clients also waiting.  They were curious about my blood testing and insulin pump after they found out I was a diabetic.  They were surprised that I was eating a few of the shortbread cookies with my coffee - and I explained to them that I could eat them - but just a few as they're high in not only fat - but also carbs.  So, once again, I started to do my part time diabetic educator job I seem to be doing lately (and I love doing it).  Telling them about sugar and how it affects me, insulin pumping, etc.  One of the Mum's is concerned about what her children eat at their school cafeteria of course and is hoping that Quebec follows along with Ontario in passing the same type of legislation with showing the food.  Due to our two languages here in this country - it may take a little while - but hopefully it is sooner then later!  I do find though that more people that I talk to lately - seem to be more informed as to what is in the food that they eat - so times are changing hopefully for the better.

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  • By: lilbabyrose: Apr, 13, 2009 11:16 AM

    With as much as we know about how calories and fat and cholesterol and of course those pesky carbs affect us you'd think something like this would be required.  I mean, it's required on everything you can buy in the grocery store (here in the U.S. at least, not sure about up your way, Anna).

    I think ANY business that sells or provides prepared/ready-to-eat food should be required to have a nutrition information sheet available to customers that want it.  And it should list every dish separately.  I know that I enjoy Applebee's baby back ribs but when I order the meal I change out the sides.  Applebee's does not offer nutrition information and the only info I can find is on sites like Calorie King.  Too bad it offers the meal as a whole, as listed on the menu.

    I don't think it should be required to be on the menu or menu boards.  That would take up a lot of space and I'm sure there are plenty of people that know they're eating something unhealthy and would rather not know just how unhealthy.  But if they had fact sheets available (either paper or cardstock that could be taken with the customer or even ones made out of the same material as the menu that could be handed out and collected with the menus) I think it would be the best way to do it without it being bothersome in situations where the info was unneeded or unwanted.

    By: dorisjdickson: Apr, 09, 2009 08:54 AM

    Hi Anna,

    I have mixed feelings on this one.  Those boards aren't big enough to see the all the information I would want.  I do not particularly care about fat and calories since I assume they are high.  I know from taste they are ridiculously high in salt. 

    It's been 6 months, but the last fast food "meal" I ate was a chicken sandwich (not not broiled, that's just plain nasty) at Burger King.  There was very little protein.  It was mostly by products (no, not kidding), carbs and plenty of insulin desensitizing fats. 

    That information is already available in a pamphlet which was on the counter.  Not rocket science to pick it up if one is interested.  The same information is available online for most of the fast food restaurants in question (at least here).

    So, as always I concluded that it is likely to be another 6 months to a year before I take a mouthful.  I used to feel comfortable eating Dunkin Donuts egg and cheese on Thomas' English muffin but they've switched over to new "cooking" equipment which make the egg taste even more rubbery and it's not hot.  So ... it's almost safer to eat a donut or my usual preference, go hungry.

    My point ... I don't think putting this stuff on a board is practical, necessary or likely to be helpful since if people want to eat garbage they will, whether the fact that it contains pigs feet is in big red letters or not.

    Doris J. Dickson

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