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Apr 13, 2016
Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes--2016 Abridged for Primary Care Providers


Apr 13, 2016
Modern Medicine Nearly Killed Me


Apr 13, 2016
Incorrect Insulin Administration: A Problem That Warrants Attention

In Brief Incorrect administration of insulin (e.g., too little, too much, or at wrong times) can result in transient and serious hypo- and hyperglycemia, wide ...

Apr 13, 2016
Role of Emerging Insulin Technologies in the Initiation and Intensification of Insulin Therapy for Diabetes in Primary Care

In Brief This article explores some of the reasons for the delay in insulin initiation in primary care and evaluates new approaches to insulin therapy that may ...

Apr 13, 2016
Overcoming Weight Bias in the Management of Patients With Diabetes and Obesity


Apr 13, 2016
Concurrence of Lipoatrophy and Lipohypertrophy in Children With Type 1 Diabetes Using Recombinant Human Insulin: Two Case Reports


Apr 13, 2016
Oral Manifestations of Diabetes


Apr 13, 2016
The Affordable Care Act Insurance Reforms: Where Are We Now, and Whats Next?


Apr 13, 2016
Sweet Dreams: How Sleep and Sleep Disturbances Affect Glycemic Control in People With Diabetes: Preface


Apr 13, 2016
Physiology of Sleep

IN BRIEF Far from a simple absence of wakefulness, sleep is an active, regulated, and metabolically distinct state, essential for health and well-being. In this ...

Dec 11, 2014
Type 2 diabetes risk starts in pregnancy:
The risk of developing type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease is affected by exposures in the uterus.

Sep 02, 2014
Daily Breakfast is Associated with a Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk Profile in Children:
Regular consumption of a healthy breakfast may help children lower their risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a study published in PLOS Medicine.

Aug 18, 2014
Work-Related Stress is a Risk Factor for Type 2 Diabetes:
Workplace stress can have a range of adverse effects on health, including a 45% increased risk of type 2 diabetes

Jul 17, 2014
Treatment reverses symptoms of type 2 diabetes in mice, without side effects:
In mice with diet-induced diabetes - the equivalent of type 2 diabetes in humans - a single injection of the protein FGF1 is enough to restore blood sugar levels to a healthy range for more than two days. The discovery by Salk scientists, published today in the journal Nature, could lead to a new generation of safer, more effective diabetes drugs.

Jun 12, 2014
Pre-Diabetes Label 'Unhelpful and Unnecessary':
Labelling people with moderately high blood sugar as pre-diabetic is a drastically premature measure with no medical value and huge financial and social costs, say researchers from UCL and the Mayo Clinic, Minnesota.

diabetes May 15, 2014
Two large meals better than 6 small meals for controlling weight and blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes:
Research published in Diabetologia suggests that two large meals, rather than six small meals with the same total calories, are better for controlling weight and blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.

hologram Apr 11, 2014
Diabetes Diagnosis by 'Smart' Holograms:
Responsive holograms that change colour in the presence of certain compounds are being developed into portable medical tests and devices that could be used to monitor conditions such as diabetes.

heart Feb 13, 2014
Potential for Prevention and Treatment of Heart Failure in Diabetics:
Researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston have discovered one of the pathogenic components of diabetes in the heart.

fruit fly Nov 12, 2013
Fruit flies make good stand-ins for humans in diabetes treatment tests:
Fruit flies respond to insulin at the cellular level much like humans do, making these common, easily bred insects good subjects for laboratory experiments in new treatments for diabetes.

hospital Sep 05, 2013
Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits with Diabetes:
If you suffer from uncontrolled diabetes and diabetic complications that prevent you from maintaining gainful employment, despite following your doctor’s prescribed therapies, you may be able to qualify for disability benefits.

sponge Aug 08, 2013
Controlled insulin delivery via injectable 'smart sponge':
Researchers have developed a drug delivery technique for diabetes treatment in which a sponge-like material surrounds an insulin core. The sponge expands and contracts in response to blood sugar levels to release insulin as needed.

baby food Jul 11, 2013
Timing of First Exposure To Solid Food Appears Associated With Development Of Type 1 Diabetes:
Both an early and late first exposure to solid food for infants appears to be associated with the development of type 1 diabetes, according to a study published by JAMA Pediatrics.

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