Do you postpone eating when your BG is high?

Topic Title: Do you postpone eating when your BG is high?
Created On: 03/02/2013 02:17 PM

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 10/01/2014 04:48 AM

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Not really. I think that the BG is already high and nothing you do at the moment will help reduce it instantly. So, if you are really hungry, it's good to eat. Check out this book, it is really helpful in understanding what you should and shouldn't do HIGH BLOOD SUGAR: FIND THE CAUSE AND ELIMINATE IT!

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 03/02/2013 02:17 PM

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I am abit anal about my blood sugar. I try to aim for a certain number before eating - and if it's not in that "happy zone" - I tend to not feel hungry. Usually my high numbers are in the morning - not always - but usually that's the time (note - I am a T1D - using insulin).

Usually I have a coffee, do a correction with insulin, and check later - and I'm alright in a few hours - depending on what my reading was at the time.

I actually am feeling hungry (e.g. just now I tested my BG as it's lunch time - I was in a BG zone that I wasn't happy with) - and what I decided to nibble on in the meantime - while I wait for the insulin to take effect is to have a little snack of roasted seaweed. I discovered this little treat about a month ago at Costco - saw a teen putting two boxes of it in his Mum's cart. I got talking to her, and decided I'd pick up some next time.

It's low in calorires - 30 - low in sodium (I know - seaweed is from salt water) - contains 1 gram of carb (not worthy injecting for) - and it takes away my little empty hungry pang (which for me - is very infrequent).

Here's the link to what I purchased - you maybe able to find it where you live - or something similar - just read the nutritiion facts - and you'll be all set .... ( )

Anna from Montreal, Canada
Type 1 since 1967
Now using a nifty CGMS along with an insulin pump!!!
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