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Product Comparison: Handheld Monitors
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OneTouch® UltraSmart®

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Rating (Avg)
Sample Size (µL) 1
Test Sites 2 sites- fingertips or forearm
Meter Size (dimensions) 3.8 x 2.3 x 0.9 inches
Test Time (seconds) 5
Coding Required? No: no coding required
Electronic logbook and blood glucose monitor in one. Small blood sample. Easy blood application. Confirmation window. 3,000+ test and logbook. 7-, 14-, 30-, 60-, and 90-day test averaging. Data downloading with OneTouch diabetes managment software. Warning to check ketones at 240 to 600 md/dl.

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Tuesday, Jun 23 2009 12:33 EST by gkelly My Rating:
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This meter is great. Allows you to import important notes, dietary notes, etc. The software program for importing the results needs to improve on the way the data is actually presented. It needs to look less "spreadsheet-like".

Tuesday, Mar 17 2009 22:15 EST by My Rating:
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It does require coding. I have used the ultrasmart 2 for over a year. I love not having to keep a sep. paper log - all data (snacks, exercise, illness, etc.) is kept electronically. I use it with a pump - just manual enter the BG data into the pump. Meter data uploads to nice software. Downsides: wasted strips as noted by another reviewer; occassionally loses the setup info. Accuracy - always within 20% of lab reading which is what it is rated for.

Monday, Mar 16 2009 14:07 EST by cynthiad My Rating:
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I have an important tool for life,The one touch ultra smart meter.I'm a diabetic most of us love easy use meters,monitors to understand results.I use it to measure my blood glucose levels daily.Two features I like 1.Comfort I sterilize the area in my hand with an alcohol wipe where I'll make the small prick.I put the sample of blood unto strip of the probe for reading.2. You get the results quick in 5 seconds.To me this is less painful than the old method using sharp pins.They caused sharp pain and many diabetics complained.I monitor levels at lunch,dinner and bedtime.I try eating healthy foods in portions.By measuring my carbohydrates.Drinking one cup of milk for protein.Having a palm serving of vegetables.This is what works for me and for easy use I'd refer others to use the one touch ultra smart meter.

Saturday, Mar 14 2009 15:35 EST by reb_allen My Rating:
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I've been using this monitor for approximately one year and have liked it. The are options for adding information about the time of day vs your meal schedule and your exercise routine. Additionally, you can select if you are on vacation (not following the strict diet that day, etc) or if you are sick as a notation. I wish if have a memo line to add with notes from the computer. For example if I ate something really bad like a fried food and that threw my blood sugar off it would be nice to track that on the meter.

Tuesday, Mar 03 2009 14:22 EST by My Rating:
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This actually is NOT the meter that "talks" to the Minimed pump, that is the Ultra Link. This is a good meter for people that want a lot of bells and whistles and do not have a pump. The info that you can get from it can all be accessed on an insulin pump. There were many wasted strips with this meter because it gives you one chance at applying the blood, and will error. The meter is larger than most, and the lancet device that comes with it is not the best, but you can use BD 33gauge lancets in it. It is quick, but the sample size is much larger than what the Freestyle requires. Part of the reason for ditching the Minimed pump was because they linked up with One Touch and I was not looking forward to all of those wasted strips and having to retest. It also never matched up to labs as well for us.

Monday, Feb 09 2009 15:15 EST by My Rating:
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I love that this machine can talk with my pump. IT really streamlines things. I don't use it all the time, however, because I find it to be rather large. I wish it looked a little more like a fun electronic than a medial device, but overall i do appreciate it.

Friday, Nov 28 2008 17:46 EST by dorisjdickson My Rating:
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I have been using a One Touch Ultra Smart for 2 ½ years. The machine has been stable, uses regular batteries (a cost and aggravation saver) and has only required three battery changes in the 2 ½ years. Pluses: - Quick test - Lighted screen for middle of the night testing - Very large test memory (vital for someone like me who tests about 15 times per day) - Sophisticated glucose analysis including averages over 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 days - Ability to set personalized target ranges (below, in and above ranges) and personal blocks of time (e.g. before breakfast, after breakfast, night, etc.) – 7 periods of time per day - Ability to review glucose range and average info for each block of time for 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 days. It tells you what % of time blood sugar is in, above or below target and gives the corresponding number of tests. Minuses: - Must purchase cable and software to download to computer - Test strips frequently do not “suck” blood and thus, lots of wasted strips - Though it accepts some info about food, can not type specifically what patient eats. Number of carbs, protein, fat etc not sufficient for analysis. - Insufficient number of insulin types (I use 4) Accuracy This meter tests at using every bit of the FDA allowable 20% inaccurate rate to lab glucose tests. What would greatly improve this meter? Add PDA functions so patient can type in notes, food specifications, etc. Better accuracy relative to lab tests. Better insulin entry.

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