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Product Comparison: Handheld Monitors
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OneTouch® UltraMini™

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Rating (Avg)
Manufacturer LifeScan
Brand OneTouch®
Product Name UltraMini™
Sample Size (µL) 1
Test Sites 3 sites- fingertips, forearm or palm
Meter Size (dimensions) 4.25 x 1.26 x 0.67 inches
Test Time (seconds) 5
Coding Required? No: no coding required

Altitude (up to) 10,000 feet
Auto Shut Off 2 minutes
Averaging (days) N/A
Battery (1) CR2032 3-volt lithium
Blood Type fresh capillary whole blood
Control Solution Shelf-life 3 months after opening
Download Capacities no
Hematocrit Range 30 - 35%
Humidity Range 10 - 90%
Memory (# of tests) 50
Memory Can Be Cleared no
Methodology biosensor
Phone Number 1-800-227-8862
Reference plasma
Short Fill Detection yes
Show Date and Time yes
Strip Ejection no
Strip Expected Life 3 months after opening
System Operating Conditions 43 - 111°F
Test Range (mg/dL) 20 - 600
Test Strips Used* OneTouch Ultra
Tests Per Battery 0
Warranty 3 years
Website onetouch.com
Weight 1.2 ounces
50-test memory. Large screen. 3-step testing. Fits in a pocket or purse. Alternate site testing.

Consumer Reviews

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Monday, Aug 17 2009 18:32 EST by My Rating:
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It's size is it's only advantage (does not have much memory capability that I know of). This has advantages and disadvantages. Say....you are going on a bike ride (or go dancing) and just need a small meter to take with you to fit in your pocket. This is perfect. What I want to see is a way to have the strips and the meter be "one"...so that you can cut down on the extra "baggage". I like the different colors. Makes having diabetes "stylish" if there can be such a thing!

Monday, Mar 23 2009 14:06 EST by My Rating:
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It is true that this model is extremely compact and very fast. But I also find that the unit has a left handed orientation, the unit always seems to be upside down, often causing me to miss read to results. I also find that the sample size is larger than other meters I prefer, namely the various Freestyle units. As a back up unit it is fine but as my primary blood monitoring unit I prefer more testing location opportunities than just my finger tips, and I will always prefer to use a much smaller sample than this unit requires.

Friday, Mar 06 2009 10:52 EST by My Rating:
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I tried this meter because my doctor recommended it because of its small size. I did not find the size that small and actually found it larger and thicker than other meters I had used. It also used a very large sample of blood and if you did not get enough blood you got an error message which wasted a strip. I think the One touch meters are the most accurate so I was interested in trying it out. I also did not like the fact that the strips came in a plastic container which takes up a lot of room in the case. I wanted a very small meter to carry around and this was too big – even though it is the smallest Ultra mini by Lifescan. Lifescan meters do have the advantage of being able to use the same strips. If color is important, this meter comes in many colors.

Wednesday, Mar 04 2009 20:41 EST by My Rating:
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Probably the best aspect of this meter is the great, fun color choices! So far, they have pink, green, purple, blue, black and silver. The second best part is the small size. Its slim and easy to use. There are only two buttons, and its pretty easy to figure out. The biggest downfall to this meter, though, are the strips. Although it requires only a little blood, if you don't put enough on right away, you get an error message. But other than that, I would recommend this meter, especially if you would like a little color to your diabetes.

Monday, Feb 09 2009 15:13 EST by My Rating:
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I like this machine IT's nice looking but I wish it were a little bit smaller. I find it to be easy and quick, which is nice. Its my second favorite next to freestyle flash.

Friday, Nov 28 2008 18:11 EST by dorisjdickson My Rating:
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I have been using a One Touch Ultra Mini as an alternate meter for a year or so. It is a secondary meter I have thrown in my pocketbook for those times I don’t want to carry my UltraSmart but don’t want to be without a meter while in shopping for instance. I like the fact that the One Touch Ultra series uses the same test trips. That also means it shares the “sipping” problems the Ultra Smart does. Though the Mini is very inexpensive (usually $19.99), it uses a more expensive and harder to find watch battery – always a negative in my book. It only stores a limited number of test results versus the Ultra Smart. For someone like me who tests 15 times a day, that’s not many days of history if it were my primary meter. For me the Mini is a great alternate meter … as they say, it is what it is.

Friday, Nov 28 2008 14:58 EST by FatCatAnna My Rating:
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I don't give this a full rating simply because it uses more blood then my other meter does - and because I like to test on other parts of my body rather then just finger tips - I found I wasted strips due to not filling up the test area fast enough. I do keep this meter as a backup meter tho' incase my other meter doesn't work (which so far hasn't happened). The one nice thing about this UltraMini is the size (I had a One Touch Ultra that was abit bulkier) and of course the colours they offer (mine is lime green). Very compact little machine. This might be a good meter for children because it's fun looking and cute - anything to get your child to test their blood is a bonus for both them and for you, the parent - but again the issue with the larger droplet of blood from a little finger tip might make you look at another meter.

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