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Product Comparison: Handheld Monitors
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FreeStyle Flash®

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Rating (Avg)
Sample Size (µL) 0.3
Test Sites 8 sites- base of thumb, calf, fingertips, forearm, hand, palm, thigh or upper arm
Meter Size (dimensions) 1.6 x 3 x 0.8 inches
Test Time (seconds) 7
Coding Required? Yes: manually via monitor buttons
Up to four programmable daily alarms. Backlight display. Test port light. Small blood sample (0.3 microliters). Offers various testing sites. More blood can be added, using the same target area on the strip, for up to 1 minute. 250-test memory with date, time, 14-day average. Data can be downloaded to a PC or managed with Freestyle Co-Pilot PC data management system.

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Monday, Mar 23 2009 14:01 EST by My Rating:
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Since BB King first came on television to endorse the original Freestyle product I was hooked. As a professional guitarist I was always avoiding testing because of my reluctance to prick my finger tips, I was literally wearing out the three fingers on my right hand that were not involved in my guitar playing. All of the Freestyle products have liberated me to test, and test accurately, using the area just above my knee. The flash is quick and very compact and I highly recommend it to any one that requires their finger tips for other pursuits - a great product!

Saturday, Mar 07 2009 18:52 EST by 2review My Rating:
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The most important criterion for me for any meter is accuracy. I have used many meters and have found that the FreeStyle gives the most consistent, accurate readings. (I've also been told by health care professionals that it's the most accurate.) The main way I judge accuracy is to do 2 or more tests at the same time to see how close the readings are. I also judge by how often readings just don't make sense. Unlike many other meters, FreeStyle gives reliably consistent readings. Multiple tests at the same time give close to identical results. It is also very small, and quick and easy to use. The one disadvantage is that it doesn't communicate with my insulin pump, but I choose reliability over everything else.

Friday, Mar 06 2009 14:10 EST by My Rating:
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I loved the flash meter. When it was being phased out I switched to the Freestyle lite meter which was the closest in size to the Flash meter. I liked the small size of the Flash meter and the fact that it took the smallest amount of blood of any meter on the market. I wish the strips were individually wrapped because the canister of strips made the carrying case bulky. If you had only one strip left you had to bring the whole canister. When I first started using the Flash meter you had to code it which was an additional step. I liked the fact that you got a reading in 7 seconds. Hearing a beep when there was enough blood on the meter was also helpful. The display was large and easy to read. I did have a problem with the Flash when I got uneven results for a week and I discovered the meter was broken. Abbott customer service was great. They walked me through trouble shooting steps and told me that they were discontinuing that meter. They immediately sent me a new meter. I find Abbott customer service excellent and they always answer the telephone promptly. I did find that the meter was not that easy to use to retrieve the results and I often had to refer to the manual.

Thursday, Mar 05 2009 13:21 EST by Aimeylux My Rating:
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The FreeStyle Flash glucose meter is by far my FAVORITE to use! Not only is it very compact and light-weight, it requires VERY little blood and you get your results super fast! It's extremely easy to test using blood from the top of my arm and the strips rarely result in any errors. By far the best quality is the light-up screen, which you can turn on by just pressing a button.. thus making it easier to find and insert your strips properly in the dark. Then once you insert the strip, you can light up the entire strip area as well in order to easily apply the blood. It's so discreet, hassle-free and makes testing your blood sugar easier than ever! I highly recommend this meter for college students or anyone looking for a test kit that is small, quick and effective!

Wednesday, Mar 04 2009 19:50 EST by jenn088 My Rating:
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This monitor was one of the best I have tried. It is very quick, and it gives the reading usually within seven seconds or so. It also only requires a very small amount of blood, so you don't have to keep pricking yourself just to get enough blood for a reading. Another handy thing about this is that besides a backlight, it also has a light by the strip so you can see the blood sample. Then once the blood is on the strip, the backlight turns on! This is really convenient when you are at the movies, a concert, or some other place where it is difficult to see. Definitely recommended!

Tuesday, Mar 03 2009 18:34 EST by My Rating:
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I liked the FreeStyle, but sometimes, the readings would not accurately work right - once I would put the blood on the little strips, and often times it would not read it accurately, so I would have to go and prick myself again to try and get another reading. It was lightweight, so I did like that - but the strips are a little on the expensive side. I liked the little case that it came in, but like I said, sometimes, it was a little defective.

Tuesday, Mar 03 2009 13:54 EST by My Rating:
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This is a great basic meter without all of the bells and whistles. I only use it as a back up to the Cozmonitor which is also a Freestyle meter that attaches to the Cozmo pump. I use it when I need to check my daughter at night because I can do it without turning a light on in the room. The sample size is so tiny that the lancet device can be set to the lowest setting. No wasted strips because it allows you to apply more blood to the sample and doesn't time out. It takes a bit of time to get used to using the sides of the strip instead of the end, but you can choose which side to use. Just don't ever use both because you will get a bad reading!

Monday, Feb 09 2009 15:11 EST by My Rating:
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I love this machine. I've been a diabetic for over 17 years and I like this glucose meter by far the best of the many i've tried over the years. It's small and fast. It needs only a little blood. The very best part of it, though, is the backlight. YOU can light up the screen or the end of the strip. This allows me to test my bloodsugar very discretely and in dark places!

Friday, Nov 28 2008 14:52 EST by FatCatAnna My Rating:
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I used this meter for almost 3 years. What drew me to this meter was it uses the smallest amount of blood over other meters on the market (and still does). Also, the size of the meter is small and discrete - and easily tucked into a small purse or you can hang the little bag it comes in off your belt. The other good thing with this meter - is it has two sections on the strip to suck up the blood - so depending on whether you are a lefty or righty - it can come in handy. The only drawback for some - might be the cost of the strips - but I have found that all meters I've used over the years - they tend to average $1 a strip.

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