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Product Comparison: Continuous Glucose Monitors
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Paradigm® REAL-Time System
Paradigm® REAL-Time System

MiniMed Paradigm®

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Rating (Avg)
Manufacturer Medtronic
Brand MiniMed
Product Name Paradigm® REAL-Time System
Sensor Life 3 days
Probe Size (approx. volume in cu. mm) 4.4
Calibration Frequency (calibrations/day) 2.3 per day
Sampling Interval Every 5 minutes
Connects to Insulin Pumps
  • MiniMed Paradigm 522 Insulin Pump (Medtronic)
  • MiniMed Paradigm 722 Insulin Pump (Medtronic)

Accuracy MARE: 16.59% - 24.84% Clarke Error Grid: 61.7% in A, 96% in A+B, Mean ARD: 17.32%, Median ARD: 12%
Availability From Medtronic MiniMed and authorized distributors
Availability: Approved Age Range 7+
Availability: Insurance Coverage Reports of some people obtaining coverage for sensors
Availability: Price (up to) $999 Start-Up includes transmitter and 10 sensors or upgrade with the Pathway Program for current Medtronic pump users. Insulin pump handled through insurance coverage and contracts negotiated.
Availability: Test/Demo Kits n/a
Alarms: for Hypoglycenic and Hyperglycemic Events Yes
Alarms: Vector Technology (to identify rapid blood glucose changes) No
Alarms: Vibrate, Audio, or Both Different sounds for different alarms, different volumes. Extremely loud "back up" alarm if no response to the first alarm.
Alarms: Snooze Alarm Feature Yes, customizable for high and low alarms
Built in BGM Yes
Computer Software CareLink™ Personal Software
Displays Directional Trends Yes, arrows display how fast and in what direction, and 3 and 24-hour graphs
Displays Glucose Numbers Every 5 minutes
Displays Rate Changes Yes
Monitor Batteries 1 AAA battery
Monitor Size (dimensions in inches) Displays on insulin pump, no separate monitor
Range from Monitor Transmitter 6 feet
Sensor Calibration Requirement First calibration is 2 hours after insertion. Second calibration is 6 hours after first, then every 12 hours. Will alarm if calibration value not entered.
Sensor Probe: Length 14 mm
Sensor Probe: Gauge 23
Sensor Probe: Angle of Insertion 45 degrees
Sensor Probe: Insertion Device Available Sen-serter®. Manual insertion possible also.
Sensor Storage (refrigerated/room temp) Store at room temperature. Lasts 6 months.
Startup Time at Initialization 2.33 hours
Transmitter: Surface Size (dimensions in inches) Sensor the size of a nickel. Transmitter the size of a quarter.
Transmitter: Waterproof Yes
Transmitter: Batteries Rechargeable. Transmitter life about one year.
Warranty 6 months on transmitter, 4 years on insulin pump
Money Back Guarantee 30 day return policy for transmitter
Phone 1 (800) 328-2518
Website www.Minimed.com/products/insulinpumps/

Consumer Reviews

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Wednesday, Mar 25 2009 07:15 EST by My Rating:
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The minimed paradigm is quite an advanced insulin pump. One of the advantages of the product is that the need for daily multiple injections is minimized. Furthermore, glucose levels are much easier to monitor. Perhaps one of the best features of the product is that it provides graphs pertaining to glucose trends every three and twenty-four hours. This is particularly true when blood sugar levels are either too high or too low. This is not surprising as the insulin pump checks on blood glucose every minute. It has proven useful mainly for expecting mothers or those planning to conceive and for those prone to ‘nocturnal hypoglycemia’, ‘postprandial hyperglycemia’ and ‘dawn phenomenon’; nighttime lows, post-meal highs and morning highs respectively. The process of delivering insulin from the pump to the body administered through a small flexible tube called a cannula, is simple and trouble-free. On the whole, the minimed paradigm is just what the doctor ordered!

Friday, Feb 27 2009 14:58 EST by FatCatAnna My Rating:
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I gave the MM Paradigm CGMS a test run for 4 months last year prior to going to the Animas 2020. I didn't have great success with the CGMS - due to alarms for hypos that when verified with blood meter were incorrect (readings with CGMS are 20 mins behind real time). Also, calibration errors with the sensor - which I quickly learned how to overcome from various forums where users had tips- very annoying - found that the sensor didn't work well for me. On average a sensor lasted 24-36 hours for me (for some they can tweak them to last 15 days). At the cost of $50CDN per sensor - too expensive IMHO. I do sometimes wish I'd been abit more patient - and kept up with it - but having both infusion set AND sensor inserted into my skin - just was not my cup of tea. I know there are many satisfied MM users out there tho' unlike myself - especially those that are have hypo unawareness - or folks that like to see a graph of their BG's over a 24-hour period - to enable them to figure out probs with their insulin therapy. I'd give it a try again maybe one day on a trial basis if offered (maybe not MM but other company) - as this is still new technology and being improved all the time.

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