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Product Comparison: Continuous Glucose Monitors
Use the product comparison to research the features and benefits of monitors you are interested in. Use the rating system to share your experiences with any monitors you have used.
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FreeStyle Navigator®

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Rating (Avg)
Sensor Life 5 days
Probe Size (approx. volume in cu. mm) 2.6
Calibration Frequency (calibrations/day) 0.8 per day
Sampling Interval Every 1 minutes
Connects to Insulin Pumps
  • Deltec Cozmo® (Smiths Medical)

Consumer Reviews

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Friday, Mar 27 2009 18:49 EST by My Rating:
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The FreeStyle Navigator became my favorite monitor shortly after using it for a few days. It is very accurate compared to my non continuous glucose monitors by recording my interstitial fluid glucose levels. Another great feature is that it shows the rate of glucose change. At one point last week the freestyle navigator actually detected that my blood sugar was dropping at a fast rate and warned me of a possible hypoglycemic episode before my blood sugar levels dropped to that point. It also is almost unnoticeable, and has not been a problem in my very active lifestyle. I would highly recommend this monitor.

Thursday, Mar 26 2009 15:10 EST by iqphantom My Rating:
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I recently received this continuous glucose monitor system ad a gift from my girlfriend. I admit I was surprised to see the wireless connection .I wasn’t expecting a great deal of change compared to the previous CGM but I was pleasantly impressed to find that it measures glucose level every minute. I wear the transmitter on the back of my arm; it is barely visible and very comfortable to wear. I have to say it’s very smart that you have the possibility to set the alarm to go before the hypoglycemia occurs .This is very helpful for me since I like to exercise a lot. I use to have some problems with high values overnight but this monitor solved my problem. I like the glucose prediction feature and I find it extremely useful. I never had problems with the transmitter; I didn’t bleed when I attached it. I like the freestyle meter too. It is easy to surf through the menu and easier to access the information.

Wednesday, Mar 25 2009 07:07 EST by My Rating:
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This continuous glucose monitory system has many advanced systems. It is primarily used to record interstitial fluid glucose levels for those aged eighteen and older living with diabetes in a bid to ease the condition. Furthermore, the freestyle navigator accurately shows glucose movements and the rate of glucose change. The device is structured in a manner that it can detect hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic episodes ten to thirty minutes before the occurrence. It can also be used without disrupting normal daily activities such as jogging and swimming. A freestyle meter for convenient calibration, comes with the system. Other benefits include regular access to information, ease of use, prediction of glucose level movement, discretion and portability. One limitation of the system is that it has not been tried and tested in pregnant women. There are other possible dangers associated with the freestyle navigator such as infection and inflammation but these can be avoided if the necessary precautions are taken.

Friday, Mar 06 2009 12:40 EST by My Rating:
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Both my son and daughter are using this CGM and it has been absolutely awesome from day one. It needs far less calibrations than the others and that is a big plus. On 3 of the 5 days of wear, you do no calibrations at all. The peace of mind that has come with using this product is priceless for us. My son lives alone and has hypo unawareness and my daughter has stopped being able to feel all of her lows. It has caught many that we were not aware of when she is sleeping and we have reduced her insulin now that we know. The alarms can be set so that they are quite loud for heavier sleepers. No false alarms whatsoever. They have both found it to be within a few points of their actual blood tests 99% of the time. It is a bit larger than the others, but insertion and ease of use, plus accuracy, more than makes up for that. Insurance paid in 100% for the system and supplies.

Friday, Mar 06 2009 10:58 EST by My Rating:
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Since using this system my blood sugars have been under better control than at any point since I was diagnosed. The minute by minute update allows you to know the moment that your blood sugar starts to change. The transmitter attaches to the back of your upper arm with a very sticky tape and stays in place well. The data is then sent to the reciever which should be no more than ten feet away, but I've found it works best if it is closer. The glucose sensor only needs to be changed every five days. Overall I would highly recommend this machine to anyone with unpredictable blood sugars.

Friday, Mar 06 2009 10:44 EST by My Rating:
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Since using this I have had better control of my blood sugars than ever before. You stick the sensor in the upper arm and it is held in place with a kind of super tape. The sensor monitors blood sugars every minute and send the results to the sensor that should be withing about eight feet. The sensors need to be replaced every five days or so and are about the size of a dime. The system needs to be prescribed so if you're interested talk to your doctor. Overall this is easy to use and delivers great results. I have been very impressed with the FreeStyle Navigator,

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